Self-defense against the knife

Can you defend yourself against the most dangerous weapon on the street?

The knife is clearly the most dangerous thing you can defend - it is not visible for a long time, it causes serious injuries and its wearing is widespread. At the same time, knife defense is one of the most complicated things you can learn. Usually, it takes many years of training before you can think of defending yourself from knife attack. This was true, before we created our SORUDO Knife Defense seminar, which will increase your chances of surviving a knife attack only after 1 day of training with us. We took & look over statistics / videos / stories and other materials from around the world, analyzed them for a long time, then evaluated everything from the motive of attack to the final result. Subsequently, we tested many and many techniques, their appropriate use and quick learning. It was only hundreds of hours of work that could make this seminar happen. You'll experience the reality of a knife attack, no controlled technique, but the pure brutality of such an attack. You'll train various reactions to the "moment of surprise" and the most disadvantageous positions, you'll try and experience model simulations. All this under the leadership of SORUDO system instructor Petr Moučka. The course features unique equipment such as the Sharkee Training Coloring Knife. The seminar is suitable for people with martial arts / sports / or classical self-defense, which would like to extend their skills to a topic such as a knife, or for experienced fighters who regularly train against a knife and would want to try a different approach and concept that you won't meet elsewhere. We would like to write something like: “You'll be sure that you can handle a knife attack on the course” But it's such a dangerous, brutal and insidious situation that we'll only write: “This course will step up your chances of handling a knife situation” The whole course takes place in the context of attacking one attacker with a knife.

What you'll take away from the course: 

  • I trained with equipment I could not meet elsewhere
  • In one day I learned more than in other systems in months
  • It will increase your confidence and desire to help
  • You'll train how to solve critical situations smartly and simply
  • You can/will grow further within the SORUDO system

Feedback & rating

I was happy with the course. A great experience was Shockknife, which absolutely makes the whole situation "more reality based". It was also important to be able to bang the "redman" with iron - so that you know what it reality is about.
Tomáš K - graphic designer
As a teacher I can appreciate the sophistication, continuity and methodology of the whole course. Instructor Petr Moučka is certainly a good fighter, but above all a great teacher who can pass on his knowledge and experience to his students.
Jan J. - teacher, aged 32
SORUDO is a self-defense system that has a logically structured structure, using only sophisticated, fast and effective defense features, emphasizing the use of the head when dealing with conflict situations. You won't be afraid to protect yourself, your loved ones or the weaker anymore.
Ivo Č. - aged 29, engineer