Project manager - Junior

Do not hesitate to join our small, fast-growing company from Hradec Králové. We are looking for young talented colleagues who will help us grow not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

You will work with our project managers and help them with finishing their projects. It is a diverse job requiring fast learning and a big amount of flexibility.

We offer a part-time job that is ideal for students who are looking for job while studying. This position is great for gaining practise and a lot of experiences. Morover, you will also get to use your talents.

At the beginning of our cooperation we will test your skills and talents. And according to them you willl assist on specific projects that suit you.

You can help us with:

If you already have some of the skills below, you will probably get this part-time job. However if you are determined to learn all these things below, you will definitely keep this part-time job!

  • Marketing development (Social media / Youtube / Website)
    In the long term we need help with advertising, texts, social media management.
    You will get the chance to use your marketing talent or basics of graphics.
  • Online courses in the Czech Republic

    We are now filming one course after another. You will find work related to filming, editing, post-production, publishing and promoting online courses. You will get to try it all.

  • Online courses abroad

    We are now filming online courses, that are successful in the Czech Republic, in the English version. Filming in other language versions (Spanish) will also be needed very soon. You can help us with translations, subtitling, filming or communicating with our partners abroad.

  • Expansion to selected countries

    There are dozens of lecturers who would like to get SORUDO to their country.
    There is a selection procedure, the organization of trips of foreign lecturers to the Czech Republic, or our trip to visit their country. Help us get a a visa or a gym in Stockholm.

  • Opening new clubs throughout the Czech Republic

    We still have the most work in the Czech Republic, as we already have 28 trainers in training. In addition to the training itself, we also help them open new clubs across the entire Czech Republic

  • Company operation

    A lot of your work may be related to various areas that the company deals with on daily basis.
    Assistance with invoicing, dispatch of goods from our e-shop, accounting, coordination, law, accreditation, running around offices or purchasing equipment.  In some form you will probably experience all of this.



You will work with: 

Tomáš is one of our project managers that you will work with. He also started as a part-time worker.

We offer:

  • A flexible part-time job for students, during which you will gain many experiences.
  • Wage 100 - 150 CZK / h, depending on your abilities, and on your speed and reliability. (+ As a bonus, a commission reward from your own projects).
  • Working in a nice office in a quiet environment with the possibility of a home office.

    (But we have a lot of coffee and an Xbox, so who would want to work from home?)

  • Possibility to participate in internal education (business courses, design, planning).
  • If you acquit yourself well, you will receive a certificate of completion of the internship or a certificate of completion of courses, or a reference to your CV, which you can refer to in your future career.

How does the part-time job look like: 

Michael is our part-time worker only 2 months. In the following video we ask him about his opinion when it comes to working with us.

Check out our other internship graduates:

Come and try it ! If you do not have enough experiences, but you will show your positive approach and enthusiasm, you will at least get an opportunity to join our unpaid internship.

So what are you waiting for?

Click on "I am interested", fill in a short questionnaire and we will contact you.