SORUDO Instructor (Franchise for your region)

Become an instructor in unique system of self-defense from Czech Republic. We're waking sleeping heroes and saving lives
for 21 years now - in Czech Republic and abroad.

Share SORUDO, reality- based self-defense system with us. We provide reality and complex training to prepare you for defending yourself and others in critical situations.

From members of special forces to people in wheelchair - SORUDO works for everyone in saving lives!

We are "only" looking for 21 elite instructors, one for every region in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Those, carefully selected & trained fighters/warriors will host reality based self-defense SORUDO courses, open clubs,
train and create heroes in their location.

Lives saved
People came through our courses
Courses and seminars per year
Years of experience

Instructor of SORUDO system

The position of regional instructor works as franchise. You can make living out of what you enjoy, and contribute to a real meaning behind our mission. You'll walk away as proud member and you'll help us create a community, which actively tries to make the world a better and safer place.

You can live off collaboration with us for tens of years, we'll help you, so you can fully concentrate on essential
things - training your clients with verified system and appreciate their personal & skill growth.

You can make a living of what engages you most - only in 6 months (*one year, in longest). And your financial growth
can never stop.

We don't want to sugarcoat it - it'll take a while, it'll be hard, you'll train a lot and won't stop with your training as soon
as you get your club.

You'll get much needed know-how from us - to make your business bloom, and you'll have our unconditional support. Starting with the RIGHT take on self-defense, marketing, filling your clubs to running your business on daily basis.
We'll teach you all and we'll support you on your way to growth and development.

We offer an opportunity to get a job you can be really proud of - now, and in future! A possibility to save lives, to protect the weaker, to change our society.

Franchise - SORUDO instructor

  • Open as many as 10 different self-defense clubs for men & women in your area
    Launch clubs filled with determined and defense-skilled warriors, who can protect themselves, their family or all weaker ones.
  • Host SORUDO courses and seminars in your region
    You'll teach your clients the basics, compiled from self defense, first-aid and survival very quickly, and by that you'll be saving more & other lives in process.
  • Make money of what YOU enjoy
    Besides training, you'll also get a manual how to profit from you clubs the smart, easy and safe way. Then you'll be able to make higher income, you'll be more independent, and you'll be able to see real results behind your work, through passing on your experience and skills.
  • Train non-stop and you'll be able to launch advanced groups in clubs eventually
    Regional instructor can't ever stop with his training - one of our key condition is "leveling up" in our system. You should work on raising your competences and grow - to be able to pass on your experience in Czech Republic or abroad.
  • Get between the best instructors and travel abroad with us!
    We're constantly growing. We want to launch franchises abroad. We're training in Slovakia and Mexico at the moment, but we have more opportunities in more than 17 countries. And we can't handle that alone. We'll send our best instructors from Czech Republic abroad, so they could represent SORUDO system. You'll meet the special forces members from all over the world, elite fighters but also bodyguards - all of these people are repeatedly joining our courses every year!

Vybraní lektoři od nás získají:

Chosen instructors will get:

  • Complete training (Real self-defense, first aid, communication, law)
  • Instructor training (Pedagogy and methodology)
  • Business training (How to fill your club with customers, how to run your club daily, etc.)
  • Access to other closed seminars - only for instructors (Range shooting, survival, kidnapping, planning in crisis, psychology, strategic and crisis planning, pedagogy, business and projecting courses)

From - how to promote your clubs, to accounting and law, we've got you covered!

You'll get your training from SORUDO founder, chief instructor and long-time businessman himself - Petr Moučka.Petr has more than 20 years of experience in those fields, including self-defense and consulting.

We're looking only for the best: 

Warriors, with desire to help, to save lives to make heroes.

  • You'll go through a challenging recruitment procedure
    Physical and psychological tests will be only the foundation of us getting to know, if you're the right one for working with us.
  • You'll go through difficult training
    Hundreds of hours of drill on our courses and hundreds of hours separately, we want you to be an example to others.
  • To grow and improve is going to be your mantra
    We don't want you to train 10 years to be a SORUDO instructor. We have approved/evinced methods in cutting down the time of your training. We developed them abroad to train instructors there, but you'll need to grind to keep up.

If you have an experience with martial arts or self- defense, you have an advantage, but it's not a condition for us. It's more important to be an active individual, than have special forces background (for example).

You'll need to have a desire to learn - If you think you know all/ you have all the skills - we won't have much in common.

It'll be difficult to get into SORUDO, more difficult to stay/hold your position - If this is, what you're looking for, continue in reading down bellow.

How to become an instructor

Don't wait and give us a call or write an email. We'll meet you, we'll tell you your options (and other details), we'll train together, we'll test you and we'll communicate the next steps and plan.

Don't hesitate, we're looking for only one instructor for every region. When we'll choose him/her - it'll be over for you for the next 10 years.

Important things to mention:

  • We'll teach you, how to fill clubs with clients
    You'll get foundation and manuals to start your business. We'll be in constant contact to help you grow.
  • You'll take away more than technique
    We'll teach you how to teach, to lay different methodology together, the easy, real, safe and right way - to make trainings fun and beneficial for everybody.
  • You won't have problems with running your club
    We'll give you an easy procedures to help you coordinate your courses, to lease halls/rooms/gyms, to get your equipment at advantageous prices.
  • We'll help you to handle your accounting and law
    We know that this scares everybody, but don't worry - we'll give you a system, where you can handle everything only by few clicks on your device.
  • We'll be available every day!
    If you face some problems, it's more than likely we have been dealing with it as well - so we'll know, how to handle it. You can call whenever you want and we'll advise you.
  • You'll have to go through difficult training
    You're in for drill camp, or regular commuting and growing with us. We'll arrange, which form works best for you.
  • We'll want you to train more than usual
    It's not necessary for you to wait whole year, but we want you to count with it as the starting point for you. We want you to train alone & with us. We expect you to grow constantly.
  • An investment
    SORUDO regional franchise branch will be your business, and profits will go straight to you. It'll be necessary for you to count with investment in the beginning. You'll need to invest in training, equipment, licensing, and running clubs in your own region. An investment will be returned in half a year and it also will be proof for us that youŕe serious about this. As we mentioned above, we're looking for long-time collaboration - 10 years and more.
  • You're not risking anything
    It's important to mention, that you aren't paying anything, until we are agreed on everything 100% (That includes testing, and our confidence in you as a lector/instructor, warrior but also a businessman/ or a woman)

So, what are you waiting for?

It's non-binding, you'll need only to sign up by filling up an entry form. We'll get back to you on your email adress in approximately 2 days.