Save your hand, use an expandable baton!

"A bit closer to reality." - Self-defense with an expendable baton. "

An expendable baton is undoubtedly one of the best weapons for self-defense. Like any weapon, however, you need to be able to control it. Not only the way of wearing it by your side and drawing it can decide the whole course of the fight. Equally important is to learn the combat tactics and strike technique.

The SORUDO system has created and unified a number of these techniques into simple and easy-to-remember principles. You won't need to learn different levers and fixations - just one type of impact can be transferred to different situations, which you securely pin down and put the use in the context of the whole situation.

One of the biggest advantages of a telescopic baton is wiping out the difference in strength and size between a defender and an attacker. It's therefore suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or physical condition.

It's ideal against both a knife and a group of attackers. You can choose the intensity of use, depending on the severity of the situation.

If you have no experience with the baton, you'll learn what's needed. And even if you have already undergone some training in the framework of professional training, we guarantee a new look and new possibilities of using this versatile weapon.

As one of the few in Europe, we'll guarantee you a unique training with the BlueBaton and you'll meet a number of other unique training aids.

We will also recommend a suitable type of expandable baton, and a suitable fit. The entire course is designed to handle even lower levels of fitness.

If you already practice SORUDO, the telescope course will follow what you already know. But at the same time, the course is built for clients who have no experience with us yet.

The aim of the course is to teach you to master an expendable baton at a basic level and to master one opponent with it. In the follow-up courses we focus on group attack using a telescopic baton.

What you'll take away from this course:

  • Trained with rare self-defense equipment
  • It was faster to learn how to defend yourself with a weapon, than without anything at all
  • In one day, I learned more than in other systems in months! 
  • Found out that an expandable baotn is better weapon than I thought
  • Was surprised that I made lots of mistakes with baton anyway - they showed me how to correct them.  Also I was surprised by importance and meaning of whole course. 

Course duration: 7 h
Price: 2.000 CZK

100% Guarantee of satifaction!

Feedback & rating

I was satisfied with the course. A great experience was Shock knife, which absolutely changes the whole situation you have to deal with - it makes it more real. It's also important to be able to bang/attack/try the redman with "iron" so that you know what reality feels like. I also liked improvisation - using other objects instead of an expendable baton - I wouldn't say it hurts like a curled all!
Tomáš Král, graphic designer
As a teacher I can definitely appreciate the sophistication, continuity and methodology of the whole course. Instructor Petr Moučka is certainly a good fighter, but above all a great teacher, who can pass on his knowledge and experience to his students. Although the course is quite physically demanding, there were alternating passages with physical activity and theory, so it was time to relax a bit. All parts of the course (dealing with the aggressor, pulling out, practicing strikes, real defense with bluebaton, basics of law and first aid) were presented in an entertaining form with an emphasis on the reality of the situations, so there was definitely no time to get bored. Proof of this is my application for the next SORUDO course. Thanks a lot for a great course.
Jan Josif, teacher, 32 years old