SORUDO Franchise (in your country)

Become a franchisor of one-of-the-kind company from Czech Republic. We're waking sleeping heroes and saving lives for 21 years now. We're now growing abroad with our unique Czech system of self-defense, which gained recognition in more than 17 countries and on several continents.  
You can be a part of that story and save lives through courses, with our original system of self-defense, first aid and critical situations solving. We're holding courses mainly for other companies, but also for public, in Czech Republic and abroad.

Results from us:

We're looking for person, who can also achieve these results using our guidelines, anywhere in the world.

79 lives saved

We saved over 79 lives using SORUDO system/ through our courses. And we're adding numbers each year!

21 879 clients

Number of clients going through our courses since we started - we're gaining more every day!

389 companies

We can consider this number - hundreds of companies as our satisfied clients. That many went - and still are going through our courses repeatedly.

17 countries

We have courses on daily basis in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico but we have more clients and partners in these 17 countries.

98% of satisfied clients

Most of our clients leave satisfied and return repeatedly.

As many as 100 candidates

That many people are monthly applying for a job in SORUDO. We can choose - but we accept only as much as 1% of them.

More than 250 courses a year

We're hosting hundreds of courses for companies and public every year and still counting.

96% regular clients

Most of our clients are beyond excited after our courses and they're purchasing repeatedly.
About us

We're focusing mainly on company courses clientele. We have various courses for companies - from corporate, small, family companies to state companies. Specialized programs for management, production, trading teams. Tens of courses, which content is focused on safety, self-defense, crisis education but also events with fun experiences and team buildings.
We're launching about hundreds of courses/ a year. We currently have a team consisted of 12 instructors, coordinators and professionals in trade field, based in Czech Republic. Because of them, we're able to train about thousand of clients a year.
We tested our courses on about 10 target groups, we trained/schooled/lectured over thousands of courses, and we know exactly, where's our financial and live-saving potential, and where we can do courses just for fun.

Your SORUDO Franchise

We're now looking for an excellent manager or business man, who will have a passion for our product, who will apply our verified processes from Czech Republic to basically ...anywhere.  We already verified market in Slovakia and Czech Republic (also in Mexico, as we mentioned before) - we currently host courses there, but unfortunately we can't keep up with demand of our clients, 

  • Grow your business in doing what YOU enjoy
    You'll get a manual and guideline how to do that the smart, easy and safe way. Verified approaches, already tested clientele, and also already agreed-on collaborations to work with.
  • Life-saving product
    You'll have a job with a real meaning, you'll see results of your work in form of satisfied clients, often in form of lives saved! We already have 79 lives saved only in Czech Republic with our system.
  • Use your talent, do what makes you happy
    You'll get a freedom with our franchise. You choose what you'll engage in: from being an instructor, trade professional to hosting courses - it's up to you!
  • Our clients are excited
    Results are proving us, that more than 90% clients are satisfied with our seminars/courses, even with repeated sale. Our clients are enjoying our courses so much, that they buy our courses repeatedly in many years after their first course.
  • Be an exclusive partner for your region/country
    You'll have whole country for yourself, without competitor in field.
  • Unlimited growth opportunity
    It's exclusively up to you, how high will your franchise income be and how many lives we save. You'll have a choice to look into our results, because we're constantly growing and improving - And you'll eventually have access to all of our new techniques, products and strategies.

You'll get a guideline on how to build up SORUDO franchise branch as working and prospering company, and you'll also get:

  • Complete instructor training
    You'll have a possibility to send your instructors to train with us - to be sure that you'll have perfect lectors, and that you provide your clients the best care & service possible on behalf of SORUDO.
  • Seminar/course methodology
    Hundreds of courses ready for YOU to offer to your clients in your country.
  • Marketing foundation
    We have working web page, catalogs, price-lists, domains and more else at hand, ready to use.
  • Business guideline
    For someone, who hasn't got any experiences in this field, could be running your own franchise stressful. From company establishment, accounting, starting financial capital to possible law risks. We thought of everything, we can walk in it, and we have more than 20 years of experience and skills, which we'll gladly pass on to you.
  • Trading guideline and training of trading professionals
    Many companies are constantly fighting with trade sales, many franchises are offering one product only, we have verified trading approaches, which we'll share with you and we'll even train your trading candidates to professionals.
  • Recruitment guideline
    To find, engage and train good people is problem for most at present, but we know how to solve that - over hundreds of candidates are contacting us monthly, so we have a lot to choose from.
  • Constant support
    It'll be also in our own interest for you to have a successful business - because your accomplishments will make us satisfied and happy! We choose the franchise model mainly, because we want to train as many people as possible. We'll be at hand to support you, to help you solve problems and improve your performance.

You'll host live-saving courses!

We have more than 80 courses, for company clients, police officers and other professionals, from librarians to accountants.

Conflict resolution and self-defense

We often host courses for high-risk workplaces. Accountants, controlors, librarians, social services empoyees, psychlogists, medics - all of those people are going through our courses. For every workplace there's a risk of conflict or danger for empoyees. We can build a tailored course to raise safety and peace of mind in your company. 

Reality based first aid with an experience!

Most of the companies has education in first aid but it was worth nothing for their employees - it was boring, or they didn't try much, but mainly they couldn't be sure in handling possible crisis situation well, nor to 100% right. That's why we host courses full of practise, example situations and drill. Client favorite is "How to become a hero at car crash', but we'll glady tailor the course just for you 🙂

Communication and assertiveness course

Most of the conflicts that you'll be part of can be handled without self-defense - that doesn't mean that you can't defend yourself verbally. We help level your communication and assertiveness skills up. Using our favourite example situations, practise and engagement - we guarantee it'll be without boring sitting at the desk.

Courses for proffesionals

We do whole series of courses for police officers, army members, firefighters, medics but also special forces members, members of safety agencies in Czech republic and abroad. From first aid, compeling acts to self-defense and tactical shooting. We're also including conflict resolution courses, pacification of an agressive patient for medics and doctors.

Courses for management

We can prepare tailored courses. We'll build the program to any range from conflict resolution, self-defense, communication to first aid. We can adjust it and modify to fun experience, team building or education seminar. Our experienced instructors will make sure to engage every one of your empoyees and they'll adjust the intensity of the course to their possibilities and needs.

How to become a franchisor:

We're looking for trade-skilled manager, who's interested in what we do, who can also find meaning in what we do, and wants to collaborate and work with us. We want to grow and develop SORUDO in whole world.

  • You'll have to go through difficult recruitment process
    We're looking for somebody, who wants to work with us, and stay in touch for many years forward. We won't rush anywhere with you, we'll select carefully our partner. You must count with several tests and interviews and several months of preparations.
  • We're looking for long-time collaboration
    We plan to build franchise for at least ten years, so we're looking only for serious candidates.

Don't hesitate to contact us, maybe we're looking just for you. The right franchisor for your area is only one. When we'll select him/her, it'll be for at least  10 years, so you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Don't miss it!

Franchise investment information

Investment: 1,8 - 3,2M czech crowns

With verified tenfold profit possibility. We can discuss details individually.

Licensing for 10 years

We're only looking for people who are serious about our cause, and ideally interested in building career in SORUDO for life.

Financial recoverability within one year

If we would start in Slovakia, we would manage it in half a year. We believe that you can keep up with us , and you'll have financial recoverability within one year. We would be more than happy to help you with that.

Start in three months

We want to select our Slovakia representative carefully, so your recruitment can take up to 3 months at least.

So, what are you waiting for?

It's non-binding, you'll need only to sign up by filling up an entry form. We'll get back to you in approximately 2 days.