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We’ll teach you how to defend yourself, your family and your friends in the most critical situations against a group of attackers, knife attack, gun attack or even dog attack. Train SORUDO! The only Czech system of self-defence which is already recognized all over the World.


Reality! Easy to learn technique! Full-on training in real environment! Complex solution of the critical situation from prevention, tactic, effective fighting to first aid and law advice. This is SORUDO!!! One of the systems, which is constantly developing and evolving. We follow World’s trends, researches, statistics and create our own testing, and apply a scientific approach. 


The hero of one of our favourite stories is a young woman, who finished our “2 Days Self-Defence Course for women”. Without any previous combat experience, she managed to defend herself against 5 aggressors who have tried to rape her near the railway station in the centre of Prague. Group of local creeps and dossers has surrounded her and began to harass her. Without any hesitation, she verbally shut them off and as soon as one of them moved towards her, she slapped him that hard, that he fell on the floor. She then ran off without them following her.
Graduate from our “Self-Defence Course for Women” (2 days)
This little man went through our training during the summer camp for kids and was only 12 years old at the time. He got into a serious situation, where he got attacked by a grownup man using a knife. He used the method we taught him and resolved the situation without any injury.
12 yo young man, Graduate from our 5 days course
Carl, former member of SAS, a soldier with decades of experience, who saved lives in Mogadish (Afganistan) has signed up to our course for future instructors. He also worked as bodyguard for Robbie Williams and Christian Ronaldo and he’s an instructor of self-defence with over 20 years of experience. Carl was involved in training armed forces in Spain and other countries. When he tried SORUDO, he said: “I’ve never seen anything like this before, SORUDO is Fucking amazing!”
Former member of SAS, Instructor of British Police and SORUDO graduate
Robert, the graduate from our course of Self-Defence was returning home after midnight. He overheard slamming and a quiet voice calling for help from the flat next to his. He couldn’t be bothered at first, but then he remembered what our Chief-Instructor said, that it is your duty as a warrior or fighter to help vulnerable people. Therefore, he followed the voice and found out that the older lady living next door needs help. She slipped and fell in her bath and was laying already for 5 hours. It looked like she broke her arm. He broke into the flat and help the older lady whose life was in danger. He even helped the emergency services to transport her downstairs and satisfied with his action, he went to the bed.
Graduate of our Self-Defence course
After only one-day courses (7 hours), “How to deal with aggressive patients”. Just a few days after this course, a patient was threatening the nurse in the A&E department using a piece of glass. Our trained doctor sorted the situation right away, got the aggressor on the floor where he easily immobilise him.
The psychiatry Doctor (1 day course)
One of the graduates from the “One-Day First Aid” course was skiing in the Alpine mountains, when he saw a skier lying unconscious next to the slope. Without any hesitation, he stopped next to him. Marked the location, so no one could crash into them. Found out what happened, called the mountain rescue team and immediately began with CPR using our equipment he had with him.
Graduate of “One-Day first Aid Course”
Our graduate from the Combat Medicine course (TCCC) was returning home from the restaurant in Prague when he spotted a man lying in the pool of blood. He managed to stop the bleeding and kept the man alive till the paramedics arrived. He used bandages and hemostatics which he had in his backpack all the time after finishing our TCCC course.
Graduate of Combat Medicine Course
One of our graduates was shopping in his hometown, when he spotted someone lying on the floor in front of the shop surrounded by the group of folks. He didn’t think twice, ran outside, found out that the man is unconscious, called an ambulance and immediately began with CPR. He even managed to get rid of gaper, who said that he is an amateur fireman, has seen this many time before and it is too late to try to help the unconscious man. He even tried to cover the injured man's head with the jacket?!
Graduate of several First Aid Courses
We got invited to Mexico for the first time by someone, who is one of the top men involved in training police forces and bodyguards. After only one week of training, he said the following: The Self-Defence system SORUDO is without any doubt unique. I had the chance to work with specialist from many countries and systems (USA, Israel, France, Russia) and I can say, SORUDO belongs to the world’s elite Denis
Denis Director AIEP, All In Executive Protection.s.c. President AMPE, Asociación Mexicana de Pretocción Ejecutiva a.c.


We'll teach you how to avoid critical situations, how to fight them and how to survive if they occur. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones, but also learn how to step in and save lives when someone's fate is in your hands.

Courses for public

We'll teach you how to handle a car accident, defend yourself against a rapist, deal with a knife attack, use a telescopic baton or a firearm. You will learn this and much more at our seminars.

Courses and Experience for Businesses and Groups

We can prepare a customized course according to any of your needs... If you want to be able to deal with conflicts, or learn first-aid in your workplace, we will be happy to create a great course and great experience for you.

Courses for professionals

We run a broad range of courses for police officers, soldiers, firefighters, paramedics as well as the members of security agencies. We work worldwide and we can provide you with complex solutions from “safe money transfer” through “VIP protection” to “first aid” etc.


We are constantly looking for new trainers, businessmen, coordinators, project managers and managers for Czech Republic and the other countries. We offer the opportunity to fulfil your dream, make money by doing what you enjoy. We need extraordinary people for this extraordinary job! We require passion and determination to change the world.

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79 lives saved

Every year we save more and more lives through our graduates who don't hesitate to step in, help and have more importantly have a skill to help.

21 823 clients

Number of people who went through our courses. This number significantly grows each year. Currently we're able to run over 235 courses every year.

379 companies

Hundreds of companies have already gone through our first aid training, crisis management training and self-defence course

17 countries

Regular courses are held in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico. We however have a lot of experience from other countries.

99% satisfied clients

Most of our clients leave satisfied and even return back.

Up to 100 candidates

We receive hundreds of applications for work every single month, but we accept only less than 1% in order to create an elite team!


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