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We share the skills and courage to fight and save lives in the most critical situations through our self-defense, crisis solving and first aid courses.  We train civilians in Europe and bodyguards and armed forces in rest of the world within our unique system of a complex
self-defense system, SORUDO.


Focused on reality, quick teachability, training in real speed, in real surroudings. Complex conflict resolution from preventing the critical situation to planning tactics, through the possible fight itself - to first aid after conflict and legal setlement. SORUDO covers everything. We're one of the few system in the world, which is contantly improving and evolving. Based on worlds trends,  thorough research, statistics and our own testing.


One of our favorite stories of White Chronicle is a case of certain Miss, who after a 2-day weekend course of self-defense for women, without any other combat experience, managed to defend against five attackers, who tried to rape her in Prague at the Central Station. A bunch of local rogues and homeless people rounded her up in the morning and began to harass her. An attacker tried to move towards her, only to be surprised by a smack so hard, that it ended by him falling hard to the ground. Girl then immediately fled to safety without being followed.
Graduate course for women (length – 2 days)
An only 12 year old graduate of a several-day course at children summer camp in Ústí nad Labem, found himself in difficult situation, when he was attacked by an adult man with a knife. He could cope, use the learned technique, and escape from the situation without any injury.
Boy (12 years), graduate of a 5–day course
Carl, a former SAS member who has been with the army for decades, saving numerous hostages in Mogadish (and much more), auditioned for a lector position. If this wasn't enough experience-wise, he was a bodyguard of Robbie Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo. As an instructor of self-defense for over 20 years in the UK, he's been heavily involved in police training and has also trained the armed forces in Spain and other countries. After practicing SORUDO with us, he said, "I've never seen anything like this before, SORUDO is Fucking amazing !!"
Former member of SAS, British Police training and SORUDO graduate
Robert, a graduate of our self-defense course, was on his way home late at night. While returning to his apartment in the suburbs, he heard a muffled voice calling for help and banging, coming from one apartment in his complex. Despite his strong reluctance, he heard the voice of our chief instructor in his head and his moral appeal to the duty of every warrior has awoken – to help the weaker and defenseless. So, he went after sound and found old lady, who had slipped in the tub. She had been lying there for 5 solid hours (it was 1 A.M.) – and she had a broken arm. After breaking the door and stabilizing the lady in a life-threatening condition, he helped the rescuers with the transport and went to bed with a good feeling.
Graduate of our self–defense course for men
Story about doctor, who only graduated our seven-hour long course on Gently managing an aggressive patient. A few days after the course, he faced a patient in admission room threatening the nurse with a piece of broken glass. Our trained doctor dealt with the situation, got the patient down and pacified him without any problems.
Doctor in psychiatric hospital (1–day course)
Our graduate of a one day first aid course was skiing on the Alpine slopes, when he saw from a distance another skier lying limp next to the ski slope. Without hesitation, he marked the place in advance (so that no one else could crash them / also to be easily visible), found out the condition, called over mountain rescue, and immediately started resuscitation using our equipment, he could carry with him to the slope.
Graduate of a one–day first aid course
Our TCCC graduate went home from evening spent at restaurant in Prague and found a man lying on the street in a pool of blood. He managed to stop multiple bleeding and kept the man alive until the arrival of the ambulance. He accomplished this with the help of tourniquets and hemostatics, which he wore after our TCCC course constantly in his backpack.
Graduate of martial medicine course
One of our graduates was shopping in Hradec Králové, when he saw someone lying on the ground, surrounded by a crowd of onlookers outside of the store. He didn't hesitated, instead ran out to help him, and after finding the unconscious man, he called an ambulance and started resuscitation. He even managed to confidently keep away another onlooker, who claimed to be a volunteer firefighter, saying phrases like "He had seen cases like this many times and there's no point in rescuing", even covering his head with a jacket! Our graduate kept successfully patient alive until the ambulance arrived.
He completed several first–aid courses
For the first time we were invited to Mexico by a person who is one of the main police and bodyguard training authorities there. After a week of training, his words were: "I have had the opportunity to work with specialists from many world systems (USA, Israel, France or Russia) and I can confirm that SORUDO belongs to the top in its field."
Denis Director AIEP, All In Executive Protection.s.c. President AMPE, Asociación Mexicana de Pretocción Ejecutiva a.c.


We'll teach you, how to avoid critical situations, fight them out and survive if they occur. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones, but also learn how to intervene/behave and save lives when someone's fate is in your hands.

Courses for public

We'll teach you how to handle a car accident, defend yourself against a rapist, deal with a knife attack, manage and control a telescopic baton or a firearm. You will learn this and much more at a seminar or at our regular exercises.

Courses and experiences for companies and groups 

We can prepare a customized course according any of your needs... If you want to be able to deal with conflicts, or first-aid in your workplace, we will be happy to prepare you great course and great experience.

Courses for professionals

We're running a broad range of courses for police officers, soldiers, firefighters, rescuers, paramedics, as well as the members of security agencies in Europe or overseas. We can provide you with complete education, starting from self-defense, through safe money transfers or VIP protection to first aid etc.


We're constantly looking for new instructors, businessmen, coordinators, project engineers and managers for Czech Republic and abroad. We offer you the opportunity to fulfill your dream, to live on what you enjoy. It's an extraordinary work, and therefore we're looking for extraordinary colleagues. We demand a taste and determination to change the world with us and a strong goal.

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79 lives saved

Every year we save more and more lives through our graduates who don't hesitate to help and also have skills to help.

21 823 clients

Number of people, who have passed our courses, and the number increases with each year, currently we're able to execute over 235 courses every year.

379 companies

Hundreds of companies have already gone through our first aid training, crisis management and self-defense.

17 countries

Regular courses are held in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico, but we have a lot of experience from other countries.

99% satisfied clients

The majority of our clients leave satisfied and even return to us.

Up to 100 candidates

Hundreds of people apply for work every month, and we accept only less than 1% of them, to create an elite team.


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