Become the first INSTRUCTOR of SORUDO in the Philippines!

Become an instructor of a unique self-defence system SORUDO in your country!  We have 21 years of experience worldwide, saving lives and awaking inner heroes sleeping inside every single one of us. Spread this system with us.
SORUDO is based on real life experience, statistics, research and constant testing. We’ll teach you how to get ready to defend yourself and your loved ones in the most critical situations.
From members of special forces to people in wheelchairs. SORUDO simply works for everyone.

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We’re looking for warriors

If you have been seeking for more realistic training of self-defense all your life, you´ve finally found your tribe! 

We are tirelessly and constantly looking for elite instructors. Those, carefully selected & trained fighters/warriors, will host reality-based self-defence SORUDO courses, open new clubs, train and create heroes in their location! Warriors, who want to help us save lives.

We are looking for people with passion and desire to learn something new, who are determined to train, want to grow up into professional trainers and represent SORUDO in their country. 

We are looking for individuals with at least 10 years of experience within martial arts / combat sports / self-defence (ideally reality-based self-defence). 


Real self-defense means for us the preparation for what situations will really look like. That means for us, you always have to accept that the attacker is bigger than you, there are more of them, or he has a knife. Then you have to adjust your training!

Contrary to conventional self-defense systems, we tend to criticize traditional techniques that are unlikely to work in real-world situations. We like to refute bullshit techniques in self-defense and pointless training methods.

We try to get as close to reality as possible in our training. We not only practice hand-to-hand self-defense, but it is automatic for us to engage in weapons usage. Both those you carry or improvised ones and those you can take from the first attacker and defend with them against the whole group.

How to become a SORUDO Instructor

We will give almost everyone a chance, but only those who train really hard can become our representatives in their country.

We use a franchise system. It means that you have an opportunity to become certified SORUDO instructor, to collaborate with us as a business partner and spread the SORUDO system the way we do.

Most importantly this is the opportunity to get the job you’ll be proud of. Now and for many years ahead! You now have a chance to participate in saving lives, protecting vulnerable people and changing society.

We’ll provide you with all the necessary know-how, a concept of realistic self-defence itself, but also with basics of marketing an business, so you can actually make a living as a lecturer and devote yourself to it.

In the beginning, we are looking for few ELITE instructors in every country / region, who could help us to spread around.

For more information hit the “APPLY” button straight away. We can set up an online meeting, train together, get to know each other a little bit more or have a chat about possibilities and opportunities we can offer you.

What else you should know:

  • We will teach you how to run SORUDO clubs
    You’ll get all the instructions you need to start and run SORUDO club. At the same time, we’ll always cover your back and you’ll have our full support when it comes to management and marketing.
  • You will learn more than just a techniques
    We´ll also teach you “how to teach”. How to prepare methodical, realistic and safe training units so the lessons are entertaining and beneficial for everyone.
  • You don’t have to worry about management
    We’ll provide you with information on how to coordinate clubs, how to rent a gym, how to get the equipment at the best price, etc.
  • We’ll help you to take care of accounting and legal aspects of running the club
    We know, this could be the scary bit, especially for someone without any business experience. But we’ll give you the guidance and tool that needs only a few clicks on your laptop or mobile.
  • We’ll be here for you
    If you´ll run into a problem, the chances are that we’ve been there already and will be able to advise you. Just keep in touch.
  • You’ll have to take a demanding training
    A minimum of 15 days of training is waiting for you. In some cases it could be even more than that, maximum is 40 days if you want to grow faster. The form of the training could be extended weekends or fight camp. Depending on our agreement.
  • You’ll have to keep training
    It’s not necessary for you to wait a year to open your first club, but be aware, this is just the beginning. You’ll have to train on your own and with us. We prepared regular online (video) trainings for instructors all over the world. We’ll check on you regularly.
  • The training and licence isn’t for free
    The SORUDO will be your business and the profit will be entirely yours. Although your training will cost less than the one for a regular client, it simply can not be for free. Nevertheless, the price won’t be too high, and we can also agree on individual conditions. The investment will return within a few months and for us it is proof that you are a serious and committed individual.
  • You don’t risk anything
    It should be mentioned that you don’t have to pay anything upfront. We also must be 100% sure you will be able to handle this as a fighter and instructor.

Do you want to know more about SORUDO?

Try our Youtube channel

We try to translate some of our videos and publish it at least once a week. These videos are the easiest way to find out more about how we view self-defense, what's important to us and what we laugh at. (Don't forget to turn on the subtitles.)

Online courses on UDEMY

We are gradually translating our online courses into the Udemy portal. If you're interested in our courses on Udemy, subscribe first anyway. Subscribed lecturers get a substantial discount on all our online courses.