Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the training take?
Chosen fighters will participate in the Instructor Course allowing them to advance to SORUDO Instructor Level 1. The course will be composed of 14 days of intense training.

When does the training take place?
We are currently planning a training camp for instructors from Europe to take place during summer in the Czech Republic.
1) 14 days training camp in July 
2) 7 days training camp in August

Instructors are free to choose whether their participation includes the entire 14 days (option no.1 ) or partial participation split in different sessions (for example - taking the first seven days in the option no. 1 and finishing the camp in August - no. 2).

Simultaneously, we are planning training camps in other European countries as well (Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and others). However, this option is directly reliant on the number of applicants. Therefore, we are not able to provide a specific date.

What will the content of the training look like?
Basic training program includes 14 classes with each lasting 7-10 hours. However, self-study is also required prior to taking up the entire training.

How much will it cost me?
The entire training camp costs 1300 €. In the timespan of 14 days, you will be taught not only the system of SORUDO, but also the instructions for how to fill the capacity of your clubs, how to expand your business and methodical and pedagogical training.
(Price doesn’t include food or hotel, but we can arrange free accommodation for you) 

If you happen to find out you are not able to afford the training camp, we can make an arrangement in other forms of cooperation or repayment.

How do I know I have got what it takes?
Our first training will include feedback to your performance and will discuss whether it is worth continuing. 

How to join?
1) Firstly, we will get in touch via a video call.  Preferably WhatsApp, but also we can use Skype, Messenger, Viber or FaceTime.
2) You will receive an invitation to a FREE trial course to test SORUDO and we will get the opportunity to test you! 🙂
3) Should we agree on cooperation, you will get invited to the training camp.

When can I expect my return on the investment?
3-6 months after the completion of the training. The revenue and income of your clubs are mostly yours.

Who will be the your Instructor?
The entire training is led by the creator and chief-instructor of SORUDO - Petr Moučka. 

What will I learn?
Under the terms of the training, you will receive a full-service, which includes:
1) The entire basic know-how of the SORUDO system (you will become a SORUDO Instructor Level 1 in hand to hand selfdefence) 
2) How to build up your training with regard to effectiveness
3) How to fill your clubs and how to maintain them (We will provide assistance in this regard, our field of reach consists of more than 20 000 instructed clients all over the Czech Republic. Our videos have more than 200 000 views - the filming still goes on.)
4) The required know-how for business (bookkeeping and law with legal system in this regard)
5) How to carry out the training safely and legally - what to watch out for. 

After finishing this training you will be ready to open SORUDO classes (clubs), and also organize SORUDO courses and seminars (For example training with expandable baton or other weapons)