Our goal is creating instructors preapered to make a living as SORUDO Instructors. Not just the technique, but all what you need to start in your country and help us spreading SORUDO. 

Variations of the Camp:

  • Full camp: 14 days all at once.
  • Half to half:  7 days at one camp, other half on next camp. 
  • Trial: 2 days trial, come at the camp and test if its for you, then you can stay or leave and arrive at the next camp.
  • Online trial: Before you arrive at the camp, we can train together online. (1 hour / trial lesson). 


It's possible to settle on individual conditions of financing at every Camp, so that you're not held back by the investment. We know that this investment will pay back 3-4 months after starting your first club.

Candidates applied to become SORUDO Instructor.
Instructors went through the Instructor training at Camps.
It took 2 months before SORUDO became full-time job by the fastest Instructor.
Another Instructor managed to open his first club group just 5 days after the Camp.

What you need to join: 

You just need to pack your clothes and find your passport. We will take care about the rest with all inclusive package: 

    At least 14 days, 7 hours every day witch Chief or Country instructor.
    Methodical and pedagogy materials for every course. Safety measurements, aproach to clients.
  • Accommodation
    One room for every 2 instructors in the same area as the gym.
  • Food
    At least 3 meals every day, to be able to regenerate properly.
  • Covid restrictions
    We can help you with all the covid related problems and make traveling easy for you. (We have contacts and traveling was possible for our clients even during the most strict lockdowns)

Join us at SORUDO Camp Balkan:



February 2022

Who will train you? Meet Srdjan!

Srdjan Sekulić Srki - your instructor at this SORUDO Camp!

Srdjan has been doing martial arts for more than 36 years. He has joined tournaments in wrestling, judo, BJJ, Kick-box, boxing.

In wrestling he has been to over 200 matches. Last 15 years worked as a professional MMA fighter. As such, he fought in 12 professional fights and many amateur ones.

Beside sport, he was also a military police instructor. Recently working as a boxing, kick-boxing, thai boxing instructor in Sweden.


During the Camp we are going to teach you many skills, but you should know about most important ones. 


After finishing the SORUDO Camp, you can become Instructor of SORUDO LVL 1. That means that you can open SORUDO clubs in your city. 

Courses for women:

Also, we are going to teach you specifics for women lessons. 
Not just technique, but also aproach and tactics. 

Other seminars

Not just clubs, we will also teach you how you can teach other SORUDO seminars. (First aid / Weapons)

Instructors skills and background

We will teach you how to teach, how to do training in a realistic but safe way. Also we will create some background, present statistics and reality based situations. 

Business education

Self defense is our living for more than 20 years. We are strong in online marketing and we can teach you how you can find clients using SORUDO brand and experiences. 


  • We will teach you how to run SORUDO clubs
    You’ll get all the instructions you need to start and run SORUDO club. At the same time, we’ll always cover your back and you’ll have our full support when it comes to management and marketing.
  • You will learn more than just a techniques
    We´ll also teach you “how to teach”. How to prepare methodical, realistic and safe training units so the lessons are entertaining and beneficial for everyone.
  • You don’t have to worry about management
    We’ll provide you with information on how to coordinate clubs, how to rent a gym, how to get the equipment at the best price, etc.
  • We’ll help you to take care of accounting and legal aspects of running the club
    We know, this could be the scary bit, especially for someone without any business experience. But we’ll give you the guidance and tool that needs only a few clicks on your laptop or mobile.
  • We’ll be here for you
    If you´ll run into a problem, the chances are that we’ve been there already and will be able to advise you. Just keep in touch.
  • You’ll have to keep training
    It’s not necessary for you to wait a year to open your first club, but be aware, this is just the beginning. You’ll have to train on your own and with us. We prepared regular online (video) trainings for instructors all over the world. We’ll check on you regularly.
  • The training and licence isn’t for free
    The SORUDO will be your business and the profit will be entirely yours. Although your training will cost less than the one for a regular client, it simply can not be for free. Nevertheless, the price won’t be too high, and we can also agree on individual conditions. The investment will return within a few months and for us it is proof that you are a serious and committed individual.
  • You don’t risk anything
    It should be mentioned that you don’t have to pay anything upfront. We also must be 100% sure you will be able to handle this as a fighter and instructor.

Contact us: 

For more information or registration please contact us. 

WhatsApp: +420 777 600 751
Viber: +420 777 600 751
Skype: live:firmy_14
Email: petr.cihelnik@sorudo.cz



Daniel K. 10 years Judo / 5 years boxing / 8 years Krav Maga / Krav Maga Instructor / IDF Special Forces Krav Maga Instructor / Israeli Police self defense instructor. 

Omar O. 15 years self defense instructor / Box / Muay Thai / Krav Maga / Judo / 10 years working as security expert / experiences with bodyguarding / safety and prevention analysts. 

Iliyan G. 15 years Sambo / 6 years BJJ / Box / Muay Thai / Krav Maga / Self defense instructor 2 years / Fitness trainer