Courses for the SAFETY in Healthcare

Courses of resolution of conflict and critical situation for MEDICAL staff.

Give your employees feeling of safety in the workplace based on knowledge that they can handle critical situations, which can occur at work but also outside of it. Safety in the workplace will return to you many times because of more satisfied and more loyal employees.

Our experience with courses for MEDICAL STAFF:

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are our clients. Most of them purchase our courses regularly.
Lives we've saved through our courses. (Stories of our clients that let us know about using something, they've learned from us, in a life-threatening situation.)
More than 38 different types of courses and programs are ready for the safety of your medical stuff.


We’ll teach you how to defend yourself, your family and your friends in the most critical situations against a group of attackers, knife attack, gun attack or even dog attack. Train SORUDO! The only Czech system of self-defence which is already recognized all over the World.

Favourite courses for medical staff:

If you want your employees to feel safe, to be able to prevent conflicts and dangerous situations but also if the conflicts arise to be able to solve them already on the verbal level and keep themselves or their colleagues physically safe - then our courses are for you.

Self-defense in the workplace

When encountering aggressive patient or hospital visitor that is drunk or influenced by any other substance, your staff must be able to protect their own or their colleagues' health in the first place.

Gentle self-defense

In many situations the ability to defend yourself is needed, but at the same time you can't / don't want to harm your patient. It is your patient after all, who came there to be treated and maybe isn't even responsible for his aggressiveness.

Pacification and restriction

Agressive patient often needs to be immobilized, fastened to the bed even if there's some resistance from their side, transported to their room despite their aggressiveness. We will teach you how to do it.

Resolution of critical situations in the workplace

Complex seminar summing up everything from negotiation, gentle self-defense to pacification and restriction of the patient.

Verbal self-defense

We will teach you how to be more assertive and how to assert yourself better in critical situations. Also, we will teach you how to solve conflicts verbally, so that there's not even a chance for physical aggressiveness.

Negotiation and de-escalation of conflicts

Most of the conflicts can be solved in the beginning, if you know how and mainly if you have the training for it that will show you the mistakes and teach you how to work under pressure.

Active shooter / Terrorist attack

How to survive
What to do in case of shooting in your facility? Police won't arrive sooner than in a few minutes? What to do until they get there?

Satisfaction guarantee:

We stand behind the quality of our cooperation, that's why we provide 100% guarantee. That means to you direct and professional attitude with proclient factor that you won't be able to find anywhere else!

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Let us know, we still offer more than 30 courses aimed for medical staff.
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What are our courses like:

Not only are our courses suitable for every attendant and tailored especially for you, they're also:

Life saving!

We have currently a record of more than 80 stories of people who live thanks to the knowledge and training of our courses. We're able to teach it also you, no matter your previous experience.


In our courses, you sit only during the first 10 minutes, then you can expect simulations and training itself. Everything is taught in a great atmosphere and pace that everyone can handle.

Fast to learn

Thanks to many mnemotechnical tools and the focus on key abilities, you'll be able to memorize everything and you'll be ready to save lives.


They come as individuals and leave as a team! Intensive experience together and the knowledge that your colleague will save you in a critical situation is what builds mutual trust.
The course of self-defense for healthcare professionals working in our hospital met with positive feedback from our employees. The staff was appreciated by focusing mainly on practical training, with a few simple techniques. The theoretical part was minimal and the lecturer incorporated it in an inconspicuously entertaining way between the individual blocks of demonstrations and exercises. Furthermore, the possibility of using these techniques in various situations that we can face here was welcome. The course participants did not feel overwhelmed with inexhaustible tactics, as is usually the case with self-defense principles arising from martial arts. At the same time, they welcomed the fact that the lecturer repeatedly demonstrated the ease of performing specific techniques during the training, emphasizing the correct one for all of them, and at the same time trying to sensitively correct any errors during the active training. The trained employees agreed on the usefulness of the training, and expressed interest in its possible continuation. Many concerns about the highly contact approach and the physical demands of the course did not materialize either. In conclusion, many stated that despite the warning of minor risks, nothing hurt them and at the same time, thanks to the relaxed approach of the lecturer, they had fun. They left the course with simple equipment, where they strengthened their confidence that if necessary, they would be able to handle the situation. The expectations of most participants were thus met.
General Hospital - WroclawDirector of the Hospital
Hello, the course was great, pleasantly unconventional, action, fun, great lecturer, so far the best education I could attend. The only thing that scared me at the beginning was the idea that I would be sitting for 7 hours. Fortunately, there were really few moments that the lecturer had us sitting down :). More such courses and seminars would take vocational training to a completely different level! Thank you for the opportunity to attend.
Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice PragueHead Nurse
Hello, after the initial embarrassment, I was excited. I liked the course if it was a sequel, I would really love to attend, I wanted to write a positive comment myself. The lecturer Petr was nice, action-packed, he drew us into the action and the practical demonstrations were excellent. It passed very quickly. I tried the techniques on my son and it really works. Only the positives of me.
Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice PragueHead of Medical Care
Hello, so I am sending a positive evaluation of the course. The only course we haven't passed in years sitting. I think it was a very useful day for me. However, I understand that someone was surprised during the training, and I must say that according to the invitation, I expected something completely different than a physical course of self-defense. Sincerely,
Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice PragueNurse
Hello, I would like to thank in the name of Bratislava Psychiatric Hospital to thank Sorudo for a course of gentle self-defense attended by 18 of our employees. During the 7-hour training, the course instructors taught the participants a number of practical demonstrations in the pacification of restless, aggressive patients. These demonstrations were an enrichment for our employees, they verbalized the need to repeat such a course. We highly recommend any psychiatric facility, not only theoretical but also practical training.
Bratislava Psychiatric HospitalDirector of Hospital
Reference to the “SORUDO” gentle self-defense course: Responses and reactions to the course were positive. The lecturer gained all participants with his professional approach. He knew how to answer all questions as if he were working in our field. He taught us how a paramedic can defend himself against an aggressive patient without hurting him. Despite years of working in the psychiatric field, there was a lot of new information beneficial for practice in our practice.
Hospital ViennaHead of Psychiatry

Who are our instructors?

Petr "Grandmaster" Moučka

Chief Instructor
Founder of SORUDO Reality based self defence system. 22 years of teachning and developing SORUDO. In total, 34 years of experience with martial arts.

Martin "Hulk" Galousek

Contry Instructor
Special unit police officer, multiple national champion in BJJ and Wrestling. Former K1 fighter. Shooting and TCCC Instructor and SORUDO Country Instructor.


Instructor from Kenya
Proffesional Muay Thai instructor, owner of security agency. First SORUDO instructor in Africa.


Instructor from Serbia/Sweden
Former profesional MMA Fighter, invited in UFC, more than 100 professional fights. Currently instructor of MMA, wrestling, BJJ, Boxing.


Country Instructor in Brasil
Muay Thai instructor, Aikido blackbelt and teacher. Working as bounty hunter for Judge.


Instructor from Bulgaria and Netherlands
Competitive fighter in Wrestling and BJJ. Fitness instructor and first SORUDO instructor in Netherlands.


Instructor from Mexico
Security professional, owner of security agency in Mexico. Specialist for security against Narcos. Shooting instructor. Already 12 years as SORUDO instructor.


Instructor from Kenya
Owner of security agency, contractor, combat military experience from Kongo. Head Krav Maga and Kapap instructor for Kenya.


Instructor in Israel
Police officer, military Krav Maga Instructor. Future chief instructor for police in Israel.

More instructors

What makes SORUDO unique?

SORUDO is a reality-based self-defense system built on solutions that truly work and contain the potential to save lives.  Such techniques must be easily comprehended to be applied practically, making them quickly learnable. We use experience-based methods of teaching to combine the quick learnability, reality and fun our courses have to offer. This makes SORUDO usable, and easily learnable even for people without previous experience.

We try to solve any situation from start to finish. Therefore, our courses include prevention, communication, strategy, techniques to diminish a conflict from effective self-defense based on real situations to retreating and potential medical self-treatment. Even someone without any fighting experience or practice in martial arts can learn SORUDO.

We apply a science-based approach, constantly testing new techniques / educational methods / analyzing conflicts at a given workplace, and looking for the most suitable solution. 

The above-mentioned introduction is the reason for our success in a company clientele. Where the competition fails, we can provide a solution!

Para quem mais nós damos cursos:

Healthcare sector

Many conflicts can occur in this workplace. Some patients are mentally ill, others are confused, or under the influence of drugs. The staff has to deal with difficult situations, defend themselves gently and manage the gentle restriction of a patient who is often a head taller than a typical nurse.

Social services

Social workers face various problems. Some visit troubled households, supervise child care, the financial situation of families, or even come to take children from one's care. This is naturally a source of conflict and the risks they need to be prepared for.

Professionals and armed forces

Only a small part of the security sector has really good training. Most security agencies have no training modules. This can lead to a number of problems, from risk to staff, but also to legal consequences if someone gets injured by the employees performing their job.

Clerks and shop assistants

Clerks, typically in remote locations such as gas stations, drugstores, pharmacies or jewelry stores on the outskirts of the city, face concerns about what to do if they are there alone or with a colleague and face theft, conflict, harassment, or attempted rape.


They take care of order, check tickets, hygiene, or taxes. Their work is risky and they deserve to be prepared for critical situations so that they can do their job without any worries.

Schools and education institutions

The teacher's work is difficult, in addition to teaching, they must also deal with aggression between children or from parents, first aid, as well as the protection of children in critical situations. We do anti-bullying and self-confidence programs for children.


They do deserving work that often take them to risky places. Together we can give them a sense of security at work.

Corporate and private companies

Our courses are a great benefit, teambuilding, or a gift for employees. We also open clubs directly in companies so that employees can practice before or after work.


Even workplaces that are safe at first glance can face conflicts. For example, homeless and drug addicts move to libraries in some countries during winter. The librarian then has to deal with conflicts that go far beyond their capabilities.

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