Become a fighter ready for reality. Train with us how to deal with the worst situations you may encounter and learn to solve them with the only comprehensive system of real self-defense in the world.
Best achieved through regular exercise in our self-defense clubs, where you can train long-term and constantly grow.
If you want to quickly learn the basics of survival, self-defense and first aid, we recommend workshops/seminars from which you leave after the first day with clear instructions and a procedure that multiplies your chances of survival on the street.


(Hosted only in Czech Republic at the moment)


Self-defense with an

Save your hand, use the expandable baton. One of the biggest advantages of an expandable baton is wiping the difference in strength and size between a defender and an attacker. It's therefore suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or physical condition. It's undoubtedly one of the best weapons for self-defense. It's ideal against both a knife and a group of attackers. But like any weapon, it needs to be mastered. We'll teach you this quickly and efficiently.

Self-defense using  improvisation 

Why defend yourself with bare hands only?
Sometimes, the situation is so fast, that you can't draw your weaponin time. But once you make a little space around you, it's nonsense to defend yourself without a weapon, especially when there are so many things around that can help you.
We'll teach you, how to use dozens of items that are around you for self-defense every day.

Self-defense course for women

Alone, yet safe
Every one in three women in the Czech Republic has ever faced violence and one in five has been raped. What are we going to do about it? In this course, you'll learn how to prevent danger, how to avoid it - the clever way and how to defend yourself if necessary. It doesn't matter, if you are small, how fit you're, or how old you are. With SORUDO, you can be sure that you will defend yourself every time.

Self-defense course for men

Wake up a warrior inside!
What do you do with a drunk digging into your car? How do you act when an attacker threatens you with a knife? Have you been in conflict with multiple attackers at once? Can you protect your family? Where you take courage to fight back? How to avoid conflict? And how to resist if the fight can't be avoided? Three-day self-defense training - an effective dose of courage, confidence and ability with the SORUDO system.

Self-defense with a gun / firearm

Do you carry a weapon to defend yourself or do you plan to do so in the near future? Do you want to be sure that you can use it correctly, while not harming the non-involved in possible conflict? If you want to be able to draw it in time, correctly, also be sure that you won't let anyone take it, and even solve several attackers at once - without being surprised by situation - then you must try our training!

Combat first aid

If you have been training self-defense for some time and you're training it based on reality, you know, that in many situations you won't avoid injury. You're good if you could defend yourself, but what to do now?
Come learn with us how to deal with acute injuries that can occur in self-defense situations, cuts, shots and more.
All in the context of the most common street injuries.

Defense against the knife

The knife is clearly the most dangerous thing you can meet - it's not visible for a long time, it causes serious injuries and its wearing is widespread all around the globe. At the same time, knife defense is one of the most complicated things you can learn. Usually, it takes many years of training before you can think of a knife attack. Try our course/training with SORUDO and multiply your chances of survival on the street.

Self-defense instructor

This course is used to turn a fighter into a professional warrior. In this course, we won't teach you the technique, because we assume, that if you want to make a living as a self-defense instructor, you already have the technique handled at a very high level. At the same time, we don't want to convince you which techniques work and which not - you surely already know. We want to offer you something completely different - the possibility to really make a living what you enjoy.

Be a hero at car accident!

Learn how to behave in this situation, where seconds really matter. It's important that you're good in providing first aid - but you should also be able to make a car crash site safe for you and others. 
Learn to act in seconds. It doesn't matter if you can perfectly provide first aid - will you manage to secure the scene of the accident or divide the injured by seriousnes of their injury? Because in a few minutes it may be too late. Make every second count!


Become a reality prepared warrior. Train soulutions to possible critical situtions with us and learn how to solve them using unique, complex SORUDO system - one of its kind.


Achieve that level with regular trainings in our self-defense clubs, where you can grow as a person and learn constantly.

Regular training for men

Regular training only in Czech Rebublic at the moment.

A small self-defense course - with a big impact on your life!
We'll show you that you don't need to train for years to defend yourself, but at the same time you'll experience, how difficult it can be to manage an attack on the street, defend yourself or others. You'll get to know the SORUDO system, thanks to which you can solve even seemingly unsolvable situations and after just two hours you leave more prepared than before. Come and try the SORUDO system.

Regular training for women

Regular training only in Czech Rebublic at the moment.

Violence arouses resistance in you, and you don't want to fight. Yet you want to be prepared for situations where you, your children or your loved ones are at risk. We'll show you, that you can defend yourself in clever way and without big physical strength. You'll find that even the weaker can resist/defend themselves, knowing how to do it. On a self-defense mini-course for women, you'll find that it may be easier than you thought. Come and try the SORUDO system. We can help you face your fears and defend yourself - if needed.

Courses for companies

We can prepare a tailored course using our programs, from self-defense to first aid or communication on a workplace to any extent imaginable.
You can take it as an experience, education or just teambuilding. Our trained and skilled instructors will make sure that the entire course will be very professional and we'll adapt the intensity of whole experience to mental and physical options of each participant. You don't have to worry about failing the course or be bored. We tailor each course to be both educational and exciting!

Courses for your workplace

We'll prepare you to deal with critical situations that may happen on your workplace, we'll advise you with system solutions, we'll train your staff and provide useful/ needed equipment.

Conflict resolution and self-defense

We often prepare courses for workplaces that are prone to dangerous situations. Officers, inspectors, reviewers, librarians, social service employees, psychologists, doctors – very wide inventory of employees in general going through our courses. For each workplace, where is possibility of any critical situation, we customize our plan/schedule, to increase the safety and peace of your employees.

Experience entertaining first aid!

Most of companies we worked with had some type of basic first aid education, but they often regard it very uneventful. It was boring for them and they never got to try anything, on top of that they didn't feel confident in handling real-life situation well. That's why we bring you our tailored programs, full of example situations as real as they need to be (fake blood and screaming included – just ask about our favorite: Be a hero at car crash!)

Assertiveness and communication course

The most common conflict situations, you're going to experience can be handled without self-defense/contact/fight, don't worry you are equipped with verbal skills! We can push your team communication and assertiveness on whole new level. And as is customary, including lots of entertaining example situations, no boring sitting behind the desk 🙂

Teambuilding with real experience

Finally an authentic teambuilding with genuine overlap to your daily life. Overlap, that can really change outcome in possible critical situations.


Be a hero at car crash!

Try something meaningful!

Maybe you have experienced some type of company teambuilding event. Maybe you enjoyed climbing center, rafting or costume racing. These are really interesting events, but are they really building the team in the process? We offer you teambuilding, where you'll see what your colleagues can/can't do in critical situations, you'll be there when they will try to save lives at car crash site, you'll get a strong bonding experience and life-saving skills.

A bad day experience

There's a lot of things that can happen every day, but we'll teach you how to handle them and have fun while doing it. During "the bad day" teambuilding experience you'll go trough various situations from survival in the woods to self-defense. You'll learn how to deal, cope and solve many critical cases. Everything done in just one day! You can choose from more than 80 themes for each stations. We believe that these kind of encounters really bond your colleagues together.

Survival in wilderness

Learn how to survive together!

Come join us in the wilderness, cut yourself from all technology/devices and comfort and learn to cooperate with your team. You'll depend only on yourself, colleagues and given sources of food, also you'll gain a strong memento to talk about later.

Besides that you'll clear your head and will return to work with a whole new dose of energy.


Courses for professionals

We can prepare a wide range of courses for police officers, security guards, soldiers, firefighters, paramedics, but also members of security agencies, both in Czech Republic and abroad – from first aid to tactical shooting.
You'll can also learn how to solve conflicts, soothe and relieve an aggressive patient (for paramedics).

Professional course selection

We have over 80 different courses to choose from, but if you can't pick, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll sure figure something just for you 🙂

Local police officers

Surveillance police officers are often the first one to come across critical situations. But sadly, their training is not enough. Don't worry though, we can prepare you

  • Specialized first aid
  • Coercive measures
  • Shooting and tactical courses
  • Self-defense for police officers


Paramedics are daily in critical and dangerous situations. We can help them to handle it professionally.

  • Gentle treatment with an aggressive patient
  • Self-defense for paramedics
  • Tactical medicine courses (TECC)

Medical personnel

Medical staff is facing many conflicts and dangerous situations on daily basis and often they have problems to handle situation well. We'll advise you, how to solve those situations using clever techniques.

  • Gentle treatment with an aggressive patient
  • Conflict resolution
  • Assertiveness and negotiation
  • Crisis situations (Active shooter in your area)

Security agencies

Don't let your personnel without top training, it could be dangerous for them or their surroundings.

  • Conflict situations resolutions
  • Specialized first aid
  • Shooting courses

Volunteer firefighters

We sure do expect an excellent outcome, so we would like to provide them with professional training.

  • First aid at car crash
  • Advanced first aid
  • AED course (How to use, etc.)
  • Course: How to solve an exemplar & real-life situations