(Czech course with English subtitles)

Start your SORUDO training today! Our unique online course with the Chief-Instructor and founder of SORUDO System – Petr Moucka. Just a few clicks stand between you and the training system, which can help you save lives in critical situations.

From now on, you can train self-defence from the comfort of your home. We have combined our video lessons with a training program. You’ll be leaving this online course with the feeling, that you have learnt something

 Unique course led by the Chief-Instructor and founder of SORUDO system Petr Moucka. This is a unique offer, as Peter usually doesn't participate in these courses. This online course is focusing on real self-defence against the knife attack.

Online course contains 6 lessons and a training plan. This course is literally for everyone. Even someone who has never fought before, can do it.  On the other hand, even experienced fighters and multiple black-belt holders will benefit from this course.

During this online course, we’ll go through a few scenarios

You’ll see the reaction of other people and experienced fighters during the attack.  You’ll get an idea what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll receive our training plan, which helps you to try everything you’ll see on this video with your sparring partner or alone.

If you live far away, you’ll appreciate the fact, you don’t have to travel anywhere and you’ll save time and money.

More importantly, you’ll get access to our on-line course for a whole year. Therefore, you can come back to it and go through the course as many times as you want. This saves money and gives you the opportunity to really master the techniques.

You don’t have to wait for the right time. You can start your training straight away!


What are you still waiting for?

  • Order our course.
  • Pay by card or by money transfer.
  • You’ll receive our online course via email straight after the payment.

Try our SORUDO system from the comfort of your home, with no fear from traveling or epidemy.

Online course will give you:

  • Quick understanding what the real self-defence is

  • You’ll get the chance to train with our Chief-Instructor

  • You’ll learn the basic concept of critical situation solution

  • You’ll confront your abilities with the reality of the knife attack

  • You’ll leave with the desire to know more

  • You’ll learn the basics of first aid and combat tactic

how we’ll surprise you:

  • How many information we pumped into 2 hours of online course

  • Attached training plan which helps you to max up the use of the online course

  • You’ll discover the gaps in your training process

  • You can play the course and train as much as you want

  • You’ll find out, you can train a lot of things from the comfort of your home

6 lessons (2 hours combined) + 1 training plan
Price: 56 € / Entry price: 25 € / 30 $


The whole concept of these videos is very professionally made. The timeline is perfect: Introduction, explanation, demonstration and “How To” instructions. I didn’t get confused or lost in any of the chapters. This course is big “HURAAAAY” for someone like me, who is looking for working self-defence based on reality.
Michal Ř., 28 yo, Builder(Kung-fu – 5 years, Real self-defence – 4 years)
The video is very clear … it is easy to understand the timeline … you can clearly see the years of experience when it comes to teaching self-defence… This is a professionally made product for a great price ... A lot of information … individual phases etc. great teaching… You’ve got a perfect system in place!!!
Jan M. 30 yo. Works in salesMusado (5 years), Krav Maga (2 years), MMA (2 years), member of special forces - Czech Army (5 years)
The videos come across great. Comprehensive. Lively. Everything is easy to understand, clear and works great with the training plan. I don’t even have to play the video, if I just want to know how many reps I should do. It gave me a lot, mainly the online form is great for someone who went through a few “face to face” trainings and that I can come back to the videos again and again, which is better than just using my own memory.
Petr K. 32 yo – sales rep. Fencing (10 years)
My opinion: It made me realise how I was and still Am not ready for the real situation if I’ll have to defend myself against the knife attack. The bottom line is, not to get stuck behind and start training.
Vaclav K. 35 yo – prison officer / dog handlerMMA (2 years), Krav Maga (2 years), Aikido (2 years)