Online Course: Defense of another person

Start training SORUDO today with our unique online course, led by chief-Instructor and founder of the SORUDO system - Petr Moučka! Just a few clicks before you can take this training, which can save your life in a critical situation.

Can you defend yourself against the most dangerous weapon on the street? We think that Self-defense against a KNIFE  is the ultimate test of our self-defense system, where we want to prepare our students for the reality!

It's undoubtedly the most dangerous thing that you can defend against to - long time without a sign, can cause severe injuries and it's popular to be carried.

Plus, self-defense against a knife itself is one of the most complicated things that you can learn. Usually, you need many years of training, before you can even think of being able to defend it.

That was true, before we made this online course - Self-Defense against a KNIFE by SORUDO, where you can increase significantly your chance of survival just in a few hours!

What to expect from the course? See in the video below:

We analyzed statistics / records / stories  and other documentation from all around the world, summed up results from motive of the attack to the final result. Then, we tested many many techniques, their apropriate way of use and a fast way of learning them. After houndreds hours of work, we've finally made this online course.

In this course, you'll get to know the reality of a knife attack, no guided technique, but the very brutality of such an attack. You'll train the reaction for the surprise moment and the MOST advantageous positions, you'll be able to try out and practice the model simulations. All of this led by the Chief-Instructor of the SORUDO System - Petr Moučka.


You can watch the first tips on how to defend against a KNIFE in our YouTube series:

The online course is suitable for those who have experience with martial arts or the classic self-defense, where it's not often trained against a knife - but you'd like to increase your knowledge and skills about this topic.

It's ideal for those who already took our online course BASIC and TELESCOPIC BATON, as well as for those who train SORUDO regularly in our Clubs.

We'd love to say something like: "You'll gain the confidence of being able to handle knife attack." But it's so dangerous, brutal and tricky situation, that we can only add: "This online course will significantly increase your chance of survival in case of a KNIFE ATTACK!"

Train SORUDO system from the comfort of your home, with no fear of travel or pandemic.

What will you take out of the course:

  • I trained the techniques, which are nowhere to be found.
  • Just in one day, I learned more, than by other systems in months.
  • Your self-esteem and a will to help will be boosted.
  • You'll train how to solve critical situations smart and simple.
  • You can grow futher within the SORUDO system.

Course content: 7 lessons (4 hours of video / 4+ hours of training) 
Standard: 2.500 | Starting price: 1.945,-Kč | S PoCovidovou slevou: 1499,- Kč

Reference of the offline version of the course:

I was satisfied with the course. The best experience was the one with the Shockknife, which makes the whole situation much more real. It's important to be able to hit the redman with the "steel", so that you can see, what it is in reality.
Tomáš K - polygraphic
As a teacher, I can appreciate sophistication, continuity and the methodics of the whole course. Mr. Moučka is undoubtedly great fighter but also a very good teacher, who can share his knowledge and experience with his students.
Jan J. - teacher, 32 years
SORUDO is a system of self-defense, which has made a logic-based structure, uses well thought, fast and efficient elements of defense. It points out the use of mind when solving critical situations. You'll stop worrying about defending yourself, your loved ones or the vulnerable.
Ivo Č. - 29 years, engineer
I'd say, it's a unique course. Simple and functional techniques and a lot of practice. I liked it all. Thanks! 🙂
Tomáš K. - 34let, sales assistant