If you are one of the warriors, looking for realistic training your whole life. Taste a unique self-defence system SORUDO! We have 22 years of experience worldwide, saving lives, and creating heroes! 

SORUDO is based on real life experience, statistics, research and constant testing, our comitement is never stopping, evolving and thus making our system and training better. 

We’ll teach you how to get ready to defend yourself and your loved ones in the most critical situations. From members of special forces to wheelchair users. SORUDO simply works for everyone.

Where you can find SORUDO:


Real self-defence means for us the preparation for what situations will really look like. That means for us, you will always have to accept that the attacker is bigger than you, there are more of them, or that he has a knife. Then you have to adjust your training!

Contrary to conventional self-defence systems, we tend to criticize traditional techniques that are unlikely to work in real-world situations. We like to refuse bullshit techniques in self-defence and pointless training methods.

We try to get as close to reality as possible in our training. We not only practice hand-to-hand self-defense, but it is automatic for us to engage in weapon use. Both, those you carry or the improvised ones as well as those that you can take from the first attacker and defend with them against the whole group.

Seminars we are preparing in London:

Come try that you can train more realistic than what is standard. Seminars are made so, that they are suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced sportspeople and instructors of self-defence. Our instructors on the place choose the intensity of the training and the pace of progress. In case it's necessary, we can split the group into "groups" by performance.

Through this website we collect interested clients. Once there's enough of them, we will announce fixed date and we will agree on concrete time, place and price. Expected price for seminars is 69 GBP / day, or less when you bring more people, or organize the whole seminar in your gym.


How to survive knife attack.
Within just one day, we will prepare you so, that you can survive one of the most dangerous situations on the street. You will take away greater chance of survival than what you had before this training.

Expandable BATON

Defence with baton or any other STICK
Most effective self-defence tool, erases strength difference, increases distance for the fight. Once you learn how to use it, it's easy to improvise with any pole, umbrella, walking stick, branch or any piece of sports equipment.

BASIC - Hand to hand

Learn Basics of SORUDO
We will teach you basic principles of SORUDO, you will take away a manual how to improve your own training for higher grade of reality. At the same time you will learn several simple solutions that can be applied in real life immediately.

Possible dates:  July 23 / July 24 / July 30 / July 31 2022 in London or any other city in the UK. 


Petr Moučka

Chief Instructor
Founder of SORUDO, reality based self-defence system. 22 years of teachning and developing SORUDO. In total, 34 years of experience with martial arts.

Martin Galousek

Country Instructor
Special unit police officer, multiple national champion in BJJ and Wrestling. Former K1 fighter. Shooting and TCCC Instructor and SORUDO Country Instructor.

Srdjan Sekulic

Former professional MMA Fighter, invited in UFC, more than 100 professional fights. Currently instructor of MMA, wrestling, BJJ, Boxing.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s non-binding, just apply and we can speak about the dates.