In the Free lesson you’ll learn how to survive robbery, with no risk of getting harmed. You’ll learn several possible solutions based on tactics as well as techniques.

You probably watch the online course sitting on a chair, but try out as many techniques as possible to really experience it!

How to defend against a KNIFE ASSAULT

Course content: 7 Lessons (Duration: 4h | 4h+ of exercise)
Price: 35 USD | Starting price: 9.99 USD (Limited offer UNTIL 10 DECEMBER)

What will you learn in the online course:

Self-defense against a KNIFE ATTACK is in our opinion the real test of your self-defense skills.
It's the most dangerous weapon you can defend against. In our online course we will teach you:

  • How to defend yourself in various situations: Murder / Fight / Kidnapping / Threats / Robbery / Hostage / Terrorist attack 

  • We will show you several tactical and technical solutions for each of the situations above

  • We'll show you the most frequent mistakes

  • You can practice  every technique or element of the online course through several exercises, which are a part of the online course.

Try our online course risk free - Try it out and if you’re not satisfied, let us know in 7 days from purchase and we will give you the money back - no questions asked.

Advantages of the online course:

  • You won't forget it
    (you can watch over and over again) 
  • You won't miss a thing - you can watch it on parts, whenever you're free
  • You can train even during lockdown
  • You can train alone or with a sparring

Information about the online course: 
If you're from far away, you'll appreciate that you don't have to travel on an online course. This will save time and money. Plus, you get access to an online course for a year - that's why you can take it many times, saving a lot of money and managing the basics with precision.

What's the procedure:
1) Order our online course
2) Pay with your card
3) Our online course will come to your e-mail in two days since your payment, along with a unique password

Try SORUDO from the comfort of your home, without fear of travel, or an epidemic situation.

Nice surprises:

  • Even such a brutal attack can be solved smart
  • Despite bare-hand defense, you can still have high chances of survival
  • You don't need to train several months to increase your chance of successful defense
  • You can succed to defend even if surprised by attacker
100% Satisfaction guarantee

Course content: 7 Lessons (Duration: 4h | 4h+ of exercise)
Price: 35 USD | Starting price: 9.99 USD (Limited offer UNTIL 10 DECEMBER)

Reference of the online course:

I was satisfied with the course. The best experience was the one with the Shockknife, which makes the whole situation much more real. It's important to be able to hit the redman with the "steel", so that you can see, what it is in reality.
Joshua K. - graphic
As a teacher, I can appreciate sophistication, continuity and the methodics of the whole course. Mr. Moučka is undoubtedly great fighter but also a very good teacher, who can share his knowledge and experience with his students.
Abdi J. - teacher, 32
SORUDO is a system of self-defense, which has made a logic-based structure, uses well thought, fast and efficient elements of defense. It points out the use of mind when solving critical situations. You'll stop worrying about defending yourself, your loved ones or the vulnerable.
Shadrack C. - 29 , engineer
I'd say, it's a unique course. Simple and functional techniques and a lot of practice. I liked it all. Thanks! 🙂
Tomas K. - 34, sales assistant

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