SORUDO is innovative reality-based self-defence system from Europe. Start training today with our online course, led by chief-instructor and SORUDO founder Petr Moučka. You are only a few clicks away from training, which can save your life in a critical situation. Starting today, you can train this unique and innovative self-defense system focused on reality.

The telescopic baton is undoubtedly the best weapon for self-defense. It is easy to hide and carry. It eliminates force differences - which you will appreciate when defending against a bigger and stronger opponent. It extends your reach, which is essential, especially in self-defense against a knife attack. Another and unique advantage of the telescopic baton is the ability to choose the intensity of its use.

It is necessary, as with any weapon, to learn how to use it before any critical situation occurs. Possibly, you will not even have time to take the baton out, open it, or the opponent will take it from you, or your strikes will not have any effect.

Besides, this is the best online course you can choose. Mostly, you watch someone talk / perform / practice. In our online course, you will experience more than 90 different exercises with a telescopic baton and exercise at least 10,000 strikes. You can do all this during 7-10 hours of training.

Take a look into our course:

In a short time, we will prepare you for managing critical situations, protecting yourself, your family, and your loved ones.

Normally you would need to train for years to be able to resist knife attacks with your bare hands. With a telescopic baton, you have a chance to learn it today!

You will gain insight into the SORUDO system of real self-defense, and you will become one of the first in your country to defend yourself with this unique method. You will gain an advantage over the opponent that is unable to predict your way of defense!

What will you learn:

  • You'll experience the training directly with the chief-instructor.
  • You´ll learn clear concept of solving critical situations.
  • You'll train how to avoid situation completely and prepare your baton before situation started 
  • Techniques which are nowhere to be found
  • What to do after fight, how to stop your own bleeding even with no equipment. 
  • You'll find out that the telescopic baton is an even better weapon than you thought.
  • You'll learn the most frequent mistakes you can make with a telescopic baton.
  • You´ll discover gaps in your own training.
  • You´ll get a lot of training instructions  for training on your own and with sparring.
  • You´ll learn to improvise.

Is it possible to train online? 

  • If you have sparring partner, it can be as realistic as live training.
  • Without sparring partner you can practice basic reactions (it's much better than nothing)
  • You need to practice, watching is not enough.
  • Online training you can do 100 times / not only once. 
  • You don't need any equipment - just your baton. 
100% Money back Guarantee

Start with a FREE LESSON!

The best weapon is the one you have with you. But even that doesn't work if you don't pull it out in time.

  • You will learn to draw a telescopic baton in different situations (hidden / tactical / emergency drawing).
  • You can immediately adjust the wearing of the telescopic baton.
  • You can train alone or with sparring (the lesson is built for both situations).
  • More than 20 minutes of video, over 20+ training exercises.
  • Training for 1-2 hours through which you can train drawing repeatedly.

You can start training right now! 

More information about the course:

The content of the online course is 49 lessons and a training plan. Even a man who has never "fought" can take the course - one of the greatest advantages of a telescopic baton is blurring the difference in strength and size between a defender and an attacker. It is therefore suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or physical condition.

If you have no experience with a baton, you will learn what is needed. And even if you may have already received some service training, we guarantee you a new perspective and new opportunities to use this versatile weapon.

You get a training plan that allows you to go to the gym immediately - alone or with sparring.

If you're from far away, you'll appreciate that you don't have to travel on an online course. This will save time and money. Plus, you get access to an online course for a year - that's why you can take it many times, saving a lot of money and managing the basics with precision.

What's the procedure:
1) Order our online course
2) Pay with your card
3) Our online course will come to your e-mail in two days since your payment, along with a unique password.

Try SORUDO from the comfort of your home, without fear of travel, or an epidemic situation.

Nice surprises:

  • An attached training plan that allows you to make full use of online courses.

  • You can run the course and train repeatedly.
  • You'll find that you can train a lot of things on your own from the comfort of home.
  • It was quicker to learn to defend yourself with a weapon than without one.
  • The online course and training plan are a great addition to the physical course.

Course content: 49 lessons (100+ exercises/ more than 10 000 hits/ 7h+ hours)
Standard price: 75 EURStarting price: 11.99 EUR


All of your online courses have an undeniable level and it has always enriched me.
Lukas R.
I´ve had a telescopic baton for a long time, I wouldn't think about a lot of things at all, and maybe that would end badly on the street.
Martin V.
I was initially skeptical about online training, but was pleasantly surprised that there was not just talking, but a lot of room for practice too.
Tomas N.
Great! I have a lot of online courses, but none of them so far has really forced me to train at home. This is great!
Karel C.
Hope I'll never need it - but now I believe that the telescope bat would be more useful to me and nobody would take it from me and use it against me. I highly recommend the course!
Petr C.
Great job, I like watching videos, and the online course was my clear choice, maybe one day we will meet in person at the course.
Hanz G.

More about SORUDO:

Reality! Easy to learn technique! Full-on training in real environment! Complex solution of the critical situation from prevention, tactic, effective fighting to first aid and law advice. This is SORUDO!!! One of the systems, which is constantly developing and evolving. We follow world trends, research, statistics and create our own testing, and apply a scientific approach.