Online Course: Self-Defense against a GROUP ATTACK

Start training SORUDO today with our unique online course, led by chief-Instructor and founder of the SORUDO system - Petr Moučka! Just a few clicks before you can take this training, which can save your life in a critical situation.

Now you can train from the comfort of your home. Thanks to connection of ou video lessons with trianing plan, you'll come out of the course ready, knowing you really learnt something.

Unique course straight led by the Chief-Instructor and Founder of the SORUDO system - Petr Moučka, you wouldn't have had chance to meet normally. This course is about the real self-defense against a group attack.

Learn how to utilize basic self-defense techniques against one attacker in a group fight!

What to expect from the course? See in the video below:

We analyzed statistics / records / stories  and other documentation from all around the world, summed up results from motive of the attack to the final result. Then, we tested many many techniques, their apropriate way of use and a fast way of learning them. After houndreds hours of work, we've finally made this online course.

In this course, you'll get to know the reality of a group attack, no guided technique, but the very brutality of such an attack. You'll train the reaction for the surprise moment and the MOST advantageous positions, you'll be able to try out and practice the model simulations. All of this led by the Chief-Instructor of the SORUDO System - Petr Moučka.


You can watch the first tips on how to defend against a GROUP ATTACK on our YouTube channel:

The online course is suitable for those who have experience with martial arts or the classic self-defense, if you want to increase your knowledge and skills about this topic.

The online course consists of 9 lessons and a training plan, which will enable you to staightaway train what you see in the video - with one or more sparring partners.

How does it work?

  • Order our online course.
  • Pay it with a card.
  • You'll receive a unique password and the online course in your inbox after the payment is processed.

Train SORUDO system from the comfort of your home, with no fear of travel or pandemic.

What will you take out of the course:

  • I trained with the techniques, which are nowhere to be found.
  • Just in one day, I learned more, than by other systems in months.
  • Your self-esteem and a will to help will be boosted.
  • You'll train how to solve critical situations smart and simple.
  • You can grow futher within the SORUDO system.

Course content: 9 lessons (4 hours of video / 4+ hours of training) 
Standard: 2.500 | Starting price: 1.945,-Kč | S PoCovidovou slevou: 1499,- Kč