SORUDO is a purely original self-defense system beyond competition. Even on a global scale, in our opinion. It's a concept of solving conflict and crisis situations with an emphasis on self-defense and first aid. We like to think that our method is unique in ways we depend on realism, teaching and in-depth aproach to context. The individual elaborated techniques we use, are also purely original and along with methology have no equivalent in the world!

It's specific in its quick learnability, functionality, insistence on reality and yet a very pro-client and secure approach without us unnecessarily traumatizing the clients. As one of the few systems in the world, we're constantly improving and developing. We're based on new world trends, research, statistics, self-testing, but also cooperation with top industry leaders – especially with members of special units, traumatologists, psychologists and law experts from all over the Europe. 


Before you start reading about our history and the present, watch a short video about self defence against a knife attack. It's our first video in English - so the quality it's terrible. It'll not give you the full picture, only an introduction about SORUDO and what we do and cherish.


We train realistically, which is something you will not experience in martial arts, sports or ordinary self-defense. Forget guided technique or sparring (survival is not a duel nor a game). We try to get a large part of the training into experiential form and use model simulations, where we teach clients to solve the situation from A to Z.

That's why we're not just teaching individual techniques but a system that helps you manage crisis situations from prevention and communication to legal settlements and of course first aid based procedures, that you'll learn with us, and also willbe able to use on daily basis. (100 different defense techniques per 100 different attacks is an forgettable nonsense and a very suicidal precedent at a critical moment, which you could prevent with SORUDO system). 

We will teach you only a few techniques and procedures that you'll universally apply to most situations. For the basic survival of the "laymans", we'll move in mode - Slap and run. For the more advanced ones, we have prepared different nuances of context, strategy and more improved techniques, where they can “afford to stay”, face the conflict and still survive / win.

What you would be learning elsewhere for years, you can achieve with us in hours or days, thanks to a sophisticated methodology, education mastered by experience and specially selected and trained lectors. But that doesn't mean there's no place to grow from here, SORUDO has 10 levels of self-defense, so after you learn to deal with situations at a very basic level (“LAIK / LAYMAN ”) very quickly, you can grow to a master level (“EXPERT”).

History of SORUDO system

The SORUDO system was established, developed and created by Petr Moučka in 1999 in Hradec Králové, when he opened his first self-defense club. But it all started much earlier...

Petr has been practicing martial arts since he was 6 years old, already as a small boy, he had undeniable talent. His desire to help and fight for the weaker was clear form the beginning, from school desks, where he actively defended weaker classmates from bullying by older children.

When Peter was 12 years old, the situation became more complicated after he caught a deadly form of meningococcus at a summer camp, and spent more than 3 months in a hospital, much of it in an intensive care unit – literally fighting for his life. It was only by his great physical and mental condition, that he survived this insidious disease.

In a hospital, (where he had a lot of time to think) he found out that he has only a limited amount of time on this world, and if he wants to do something about it, or really help someone, there's no time to waste. So, he started working intensively.

Half a year later, after returning from hospital, Petr was already back in shape, training and practising an active lifestyle. This meant, that Peter trained  3/4 phase training a day, drilling several styles of martial arts and martial arts at once, running, swimming and strengthening.

14 years old Peter had to lie about his age, to get to closed groups to train among soldiers, bouncers and Thai boxers, so he could work out harder. But the closer the training was to reality, the more Peter realized that this wasn't something an ordinary person could learn. How would a woman, a child or someone with a disability defend themselves? 

At the same time, he saw that most of the self-defense or martial arts systems he met, openly lied when they taught their students techniques, that had nothing to do with real situations. (They taught those as working skills in real life, which proved as nonesense aferwards) These falsehoods could cost someone's health or even life!!!

Therefore, a year later, at the age of 15, he took his first instructor exams and as a certified self-defense instructor opened his first club, where he trained in a narrow circle of fighters, who were looking for real-life combats, but also wanted to find the best and most effective execution of offered situation.

Thus the SORUDO system began to evolve, as Peter gradually began organising courses for women and other groups, that were not full of warriors by nature, and began adapting the system to be available to everyone, and at the same time quick, and easy to learn. For a long time was SORUDO kept in a segregated place, failed to break through, and only a small circle of fighters from Hradec Králové, Prague and other towns, where seminars were held knew about it.

The turning point came in 2008 when Peter was invited to train local special forces, bodyguards and local police in the fight against drug dealing mafia in Mexico. His system has also thrilled the world's toughest fighters, who use street self-defense on a daily basis and have been trained by experts from around the world, special forces from the US, Israel or Russia, but have highlighted SORUDO as a world leader and something, they have never encounter in their lives.

This was a watershed for Peter, who is now self-assured, that his system is truly unique and it's necessary to get it among more people, so several projects have been developed. We now work on / with them in the Czech Republic and abroad and we're still growing.

Since SORUDO is a leader in it's field (as heard by fighters from more than 17 countries), we definitely have the urge and ambition to grow bigger and bigger.


Now more than 20,000 people have successfully passed the SORUDO system, we have done over 1,000 courses, we have regular exercise clubs in several cities, and we'll launch 40 more this year. But our ambitions are much bigger. 

We have more than 12 professional instructors at hand, a wide range of accreditations / certifications / licenses / concessions and a fully functioning company, based in Hradec Králové,  exercising all over the country and with many cooperating organizations abroad. We also have an association, through which we run non profit projects, such as self-defense courses for wheelchair bound people, or special programs for traumatized women (rape victims).

Now we're focusing mainly on recruiting competent trainers and marketeers, who will help us to spread the SORUDO system to other cities in the Czech Republic, Europe, the rest of South America, and basically anywhere else in the world. In addition, we have a number of other projects that save lives or creates new heroes. We do first aid courses for mothers, self-defense courses for disabled people or, for example, we make our own first aid kits and we're also distributing AEDs (defibrillators) to companies and institutions.

We want to leave a legacy, have an actual impact on the world. We hope we can build a company and a brand that stays here long after us, and will continue to help save lives and make exceptional heroes.

You can be part of it, as an instructor, student or a member of our SORUDO team, in a different position. Let's do something with your life – help us make as many heroes, as possible and improve the world!


73 lives saved

Every year we save more and more lives through our graduates, who don't hesitate to help, and also have skills to help.

20 161 clients

Number of people, who have passed our courses, and the number increases with each year, currently we're able to execute over 220 courses every year.

379 companies

Hundreds of companies have already gone through our first aid training, crisis management and self-defense.

17 countries

Regular courses are held in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico, but we have a lot of experience from other countries.

99% satisfied clients

The majority of our clients leave satisfied and even return to us.

Up to 100 candidates

Hundreds of people apply for work every month, and we accept only less than 1% of them, to create elite team.