Become a FRANCHISEE of an innovative company based in the Czech Republic, which has been saving lives and inspiring heroism in people for 22 years. 

This unique reality-based system of self-defense and conflict resolution is recognized in more than 17 countries and on several continents.

You can be a part of our story and save lives via the courses of our original self-defense system, first aid and resolving conflicts primarily organized for companies, government institutions, and law-enforcement agencies. 

Become Director of SORUDO in your country

Our Results & Achievements on the market consisting of 10 million citizens over the last few years.

79 saved lives

This is the number of lives saved thanks to our courses which rises every year.

23.879 clients

This is the number of clients who have finished our courses, with more to come each year.

389 companies and institutions

Hundreds of companies can be considered our clients that have completed or are still taking our courses.

4 NEW Franchises last year

Our business model has been successfully adopted as a franchise in several countries.

98 % of satisfied clients

The vast majority of our clients leaves satisfied with our courses and regularly return.

Up to 500 candidates

The number of people applying for a job at our company every month. But we chose our applicants carefully so on average there is only 1% of them who get the job.

More than 280 courses annually

We organize hundreds of courses for the public and companies every year and the number increases every year.

96 % of clients are regular

Most of our clients are fascinated by our courses and repeatedly purchase them.
Spread unique system of Self Defense 

First of all, SORUDO is a reality-based self-defense system built on solutions that truly work and contain the potential to save lives.  Such techniques must be easily comprehended to be applied practically, making them quickly learnable. We use experience-based methods of teaching to combine the quick learnability, reality and fun our courses have to offer. This makes SORUDO usable, and easily learnable even for people without previous experience.

We try to solve any situation from start to finish. Therefore, our courses include prevention, communication, strategy, techniques to diminish a conflict from effective self-defense based on real situations to retreating and potential medical self-treatment. Even someone without any fighting experience or practice in martial arts can learn SORUDO.

We apply a science-based approach, constantly testing new techniques / educational methods / analyzing conflicts at a given workplace, and looking for the most suitable solution. 

The above-mentioned introduction is the reason for our success in a company clientele. Where the competition fails, we can provide a solution!

Business Model for Kenya: 

Corporate customers: 

The model is based on sales representatives who sell courses to companies. We have more than enough training programmes exclusively designated for more than 20 target groups and audiences, ranging from a one-day course to regular training sessions and training in-house instructors within the company.

Armed Forces

Courses for Police, Military Forces and Security Agencies.

State Sector

Courses for Hospitals, Social workers, Probation Officers, City Offices.

Commercial Companies

From Management and their family to every driver, in the company.

In this model, the franchisee hires the instructors as employees or contrahents and provides them a commission for each completed training. Profitability ranges between 40 % - 70 %.

The Public:

The model is designated around online marketing, advertisement and recruitment of local instructors via advertising on social media. You will be providing assistance to these instructors with filling the capacity of their clubs and courses. Additionally, you will share the incomes from the clubs with them.


We will train an instructor in cities that have 10.000 residents and above. The instructor will be provided with instructions on how to run their local club.

Courses / Seminars:

We will guide an instructor to become professional in cities that have 100.000 residents and above. They will not only run a club, but also have their own gym premises with the option to organize courses and seminars for various target groups and audiences.

Online courses

Many online courses is ready to translate and public in your country together with videos to promote them.

In this model, the franchisee hires instructors who will become entrepreneurs shortly after. The instructors will need to pay a license (on monthly basis) to the franchisee for every club they own or run. Profitability ranges around 10 % - 50 % from the trade turnover of clubs, courses and seminars.

Investment in Kenya

Kenya is a market consisting of 50+ millions residents

Estimated trade turnover:

Franchise Turnover Rate in Europe: 40.000 € / 1 year / 1 million residents
For Kenya:
2.400.000 € / 1 year

Turnover Coefficient for Kenya based on the price:
2.000.000 € / 1 year

(Local price of the courses similar to the ones in Europe.  - We based this on the research of local prices and it was confirmed by the instructors from the Philippines that applied for this scheme - business sample of 50 local instructors)

Turnover Coefficitent for the Philippines based on the demand of potential customers: 8.000.000 € / 1 year
(We have measured a 7 times greater demand for reality-based self defense compared to Europe.)

Price of the license:

Standard License Price: 800.000 € for 10 years 
(10 % of estimated market result  / 10 years)

Estimated Payback Period: 1 year
Licence: 10+ years

Price Quotation for the Philippines: 80.000 €
(Due to the Philippines being the first franchise in Asia, we want to use it as an argument and example for other countries in Asia.)


0 % for the starting period of the first 6 months
20 % turnover after the period of 6 months

The royalty fees are calculated only from the company clientele, not the clubs or the public.

The Franchise price includes: 

The kick-off preparations for your business:

  • Training for your chief-instructors
  • Methodology for courses
  • Basic equipment and gear for instructors

This also includes regular mentoring for the chief-instructor and the procuration of the training.

The preparations for your business in terms of sales:

  • Methodology regarding the course sales
  • Marketing Materials
  • Websites
  • Trademarks
  • System of sales via online marketing (sales for public)
  • System of sales via sales representatives (sales for the companies)

Recruitment of the Instructor Team:

  • Recruitment of the instructors
  • Selection process of the instructors
  • Training of the instructors

Additional necessities for a successful start of your business in self-defense branch.