Become a FRANCHISEE of an innovative company based in the Czech Republic, which has been saving lives and inspiring heroism in people for 21 years.  

This unique reality-based system of self-defense and conflict resolution is recognized in more than 17 countries and on several continents. You can be a part of our story and save lives via the courses of our original self-defense system, first aid and resolving conflicts primarily organized for companies, government institutions, and law-enforcement agencies.

In the year 2021 we're starting out with the Franchise concept and are currently opening first branches in selected countries / 3 of them are allready creating business. 

Our Results & Achievements

On the market consisting of 10 million citizens over the last few years.

79 saved lives

This is the number of lives saved thanks to our courses which rises every year.

23.879 clients

This is the number of clients who have finished our courses, with more to come each year.

389 companies and institutions

Hundreds of companies can be considered our clients that have completed or are still taking our courses.

More than 280 courses annually

We organize hundreds of courses for the public and companies every year and the number increases every year.

283 participants

Have taken the biggest course we've made along with 14 lecturers and a few assistents.

96 % of clients are regular

Most of our clients are fascinated by our courses and repeatedly purchase them.

We seek someone who will make the same results, or even better, in their country!

Create business with unique product:

First of all, SORUDO is a reality-based self-defense system built on solutions that truly work and contain the potential to save lives.  Such techniques must be easily comprehended to be applied practically, making them quickly learnable.

We use experience-based methods of teaching to combine the quick learnability, reality and fun our courses have to offer. This makes SORUDO usable, and easily learnable even for people without previous experience.

We try to solve any situation from start to finish. Therefore, our courses include prevention, communication, strategy, techniques to diminish a conflict.

We focus mainly on courses for companies. We provide courses of all kind, for corporates, small family companies or even the state-owned ones. Specialized programmes for management, production or sales teams. Tens of courses focusing on security, self-defense, crisis education, but also on experience and teambuilding.

The above-mentioned introduction is the reason for our success in a company clientele. Where the competition fails, we can provide a solution!

You'll organize courses that save lives:

We have more than 100 courses that are normally done for our company clients - from police officers and other professionals to librarians and officials.

The model is based on sales representatives who sell courses to companies. We have more than enough training programmes exclusively designated for more than 20 target groups and audiences, ranging from a one-day course to regular training sessions and training in-house instructors within the company.

Armed forces and professionals

Courses for Police, Military Forces, Security Agencies anf other people who need self defense for their profession.

State Sector and their clients

Courses for Hospitals, Psychiatric Hospitals, Social workers, Probation Officers, City Offices, Libraries, Judges

Commercial Companies

From Management and their family to every driver, and factory worker in the company.

In this model, the franchisee hires the instructors as employees or contrahents and provides them a commission for each completed training. Profitability ranges between 30 % - 60 % (after franchising Royalities) 

You may know our clients:

Potential in your country:

Estimated trade turnover:

Expected yearly Franchise Turnover Rate in Western Europe: 35.000 € / 1 million citizens in your country
Expected yearly Franchise Turnover Rate in Eastern Europe: 25.000 € / 1 million citizens in your country

Price of the license:

Starting Investment: Personalized (Every country is different and every franchisee have specific skills and vision) 
Estimated Payback Period: 1 year
Licence: 10+ years


0 % for the starting period of the first 6 months
10% turnover after the period of 6 months

SORUDO Franchise is a living organism, where new products are being created, new methods tested and results improved by our franchisees. There is regular contact / consultation / mentoring as a part of the Franchise.


We are looking for an experienced entrepreneur or manager with enthusiasm for the product we offer, who would apply our verified business model in their country. Great leader, who is no stranger to being in charge, solving problems, and create pressure to meet the goals. 

  • Not for everybody
    Our franchise is not for everybody, we need to see that you will be able to handle it. We will test your skills and attitude before we even offer you our Franchise.
  • Gradual growth
    We don't expect that you will decide tomorrow and start Franchise as your fulltime job or major business. We will start with some small project and then we will grow together.
  • Not only the product
    A great number of franchises offer only a product and leave you to take care of the rest. We will provide you with all necessities for a successful business in the branch, including a functional business model.
  • Business Model
    Sale is a common struggle of numerous companies. Various franchises tend to offer a product only. However, we also offer to share our verified market procedures with you along with the willingness to school your salesperson(s).
  • Marketing Materials
    We also have finished websites / catalogs / price lists / domains and more. This will be at your disposal as a turn-key service.
  • Recruitment
    To find, to appease, to choose, and to educate suitable people might seem like a problem these days. We, however, know the dos and don’ts due to the hundreds of applications from candidates we receive each month.
  • Regular support & mentoring
    The partnership is designed the way for us to participate in your profits and results. Therefore, it is in our interest to choose and prepare you to be successful.
  • Complete training of instructors
    You will get the option / obligation to regularly send your instructors for training with us. This is to ensure you have the right people by your side and provide excellent services to the clients on our behalf.
  • Methods to run your courses
    We have hundreds of courses prepared, waiting to be offered to the clients in your country.
  • Ready for Covid
    We create many online courses waiting to be translated into your language are included in the partnership as well.

We can start saving lives in your country just a few months after signing up!

What are you waiting for?

It's non-binding, contact us and find out more. Within a few days you'll be contacted by our Franchise director, who will discuss details of our possible future co-operation.