Help us spread the unique system of self-defense in your country!

Become part of an innovative company based in the Czech Republic, which has been saving lives and inspiring heroism in people for 23 years.

This unique reality-based system of self-defense and conflict resolution is recognized in more than 17 countries and on every continent.

You can be a part of our story and save lives via courses of our original self-defense system, first aid and resolving conflicts primarily organized for companies, government institutions, and law-enforcement agencies.

Where you can find SORUDO:

Our Results & Achievements

On Czech market consisting of 10 million citizens over the last 5 years.

79 saved lives

This is the number of lives saved thanks to our courses which rises every year.

25.879 clients

This is the number of clients who have finished our courses, with more to come each year.

423 regular clients

Hundreds of companies can be considered our clients that have completed or are still taking our courses.

More than 280 courses annually

We organize hundreds of courses for the public and companies every year and the number increases every year.

283 participants

Have taken the biggest course we've made along with 14 lecturers and a few assistents.

96 % of clients are regular

Most of our clients are fascinated by our courses and repeatedly purchase them.
Spread unique system of Self Defense 

SORUDO is a reality-based self-defense system built on solutions that truly work and contain the potential to save lives.  Such techniques must be easily comprehended to be applied practically, making them quickly learnable. We use experience-based methods of teaching to combine the quick learnability, reality and fun our courses have to offer. This makes SORUDO usable, and easily learnable even for people without previous experience.

We try to solve any situation from start to finish. Therefore, our courses include prevention, communication, strategy, techniques to diminish a conflict from effective self-defense based on real situations to retreating and potential medical self-treatment. Even someone without any fighting experience or practice in martial arts can learn SORUDO.

We apply a science-based approach, constantly testing new techniques / educational methods / analyzing conflicts at a given workplace, and looking for the most suitable solution. 

The above-mentioned introduction is the reason for our success in a company clientele. Where the competition fails, we can provide a solution!

We will find the BEST Instructors 

We need help to find the best instructors in your county, organize the camp and create team of SORUDO instructors, who will open clubs, and teach seminars for public and companies. 

Then we can start with: 

Organizing courses whitch safe lives and create heroes 

Opening clubs

Years of training with every client
In every town with more than 100.000 inhabitants can be at least 1 training group for men / women / kids.

Organizing seminars

More than 20 seminars for public
Not everybody lives in a big town, or have time to train regularly in the Club. SORUDO is fast and easy to learn. Clients can make progress after 1-day seminar.

Creating online courses

Available to everyone
No excuses, no reason not to practice. During lockdown or remotely. We figured out the way how to practice online effectively.

Most of our courses are provided for companies:

Various courses / Products we can organize together.
Target groups who are really interested about our courses.
Potential B2B clients in your country
Our usual sales conversion rate in B2B.

Healthcare sector

Many conflicts can occur in this workplace. Some patients are mentally ill, others are confused, or under the influence of drugs. The staff has to deal with difficult situations, defend themselves gently and manage the gentle restriction of a patient who is often a head taller than a typical nurse.

Social services

Social workers face various problems. Some visit troubled households, supervise child care, the financial situation of families, or even come to take children from one's care. This is naturally a source of conflict and the risks they need to be prepared for.

Professionals and armed forces

Only a small part of the security sector has really good training. Most security agencies have no training modules. This can lead to a number of problems, from risk to staff, but also to legal consequences if someone gets injured by the employees performing their job.

Clerks and shop assistants

Clerks, typically in remote locations such as gas stations, drugstores, pharmacies or jewelry stores on the outskirts of the city, face concerns about what to do if they are there alone or with a colleague and face theft, conflict, harassment, or attempted rape.


They take care of order, check tickets, hygiene, or taxes. Their work is risky and they deserve to be prepared for critical situations so that they can do their job without any worries.

Schools and education institutions

The teacher's work is difficult, in addition to teaching, they must also deal with aggression between children or from parents, first aid, as well as the protection of children in critical situations. We do anti-bullying and self-confidence programs for children.


They do deserving work that often take them to risky places. Together we can give them a sense of security at work.

Corporate and private companies

Our courses are a great benefit, teambuilding, or a gift for employees. We also open clubs directly in companies so that employees can practice before or after work.


Even workplaces that are safe at first glance can face conflicts. For example, homeless and drug addicts move to libraries in some countries during winter. The librarian then has to deal with conflicts that go far beyond their capabilities.

And 30 more target groups suitable for our courses, where we gain some level of success. There can be more in your country. 

You may know some of our clients:

Together we can build company:

Potential revenue per every 1 million citizens in your country
We can save every year
To build this project together.

You can help us as:

Instructor / Trainer

If you are your whole life into Martial Arts and you are seeking a change.

Salesman / Distributor

You want to put your time and energy into something valuable.

Business Partner

If you want to gradually build shared business with our product and experience.

More reasons to cooperate with SORUDO:

For warriors / fighters / trainers: 

  • 23 years of developing of the SORUDO system
    You'll save 23 years of developing of a system and join the organisation that can employ professionals for further development of the system.
  • It really works
    Self-defense is full of bullshit, lies and fake confidence. We wil never lie to our clients.
  • It makes sense
    We will help those who need it the most, women, children, seniors and anyone else who might need our help. We have, for example, a program for disabled people.

For enterpereneurs / managers: 

  • 10 years of business and sales development
    We've been doing business with self-defense and managing a company for over 10 years. Right now, you can acquire all of our experience with sales, HR and a unique product.
  • The competition is missing
    Thanks to the unique product, we can deliver unique resolution to the copmanies, where the competition fails.
  • No risk!
    No secret sales trick, you can start cooperate with us without investing any capital. Just your time and energy!

Apply and learn about other reasons!

What are you waiting for?

It's non-binding, contact us and find out more. 

Within a few days you'll be contacted by our Expantion director, who will discuss options of our possible future co-operation.

Who already become part of the team? 


Partner in Kenya
I own a security company that deploys guards and guard dogs. In SORUDO I see next amazing product for my clients.


Partner in Brasil
I am doing Martial Arts all my life. Working for Judge, I meet many real life situations. I know SORUDO is the solution and I want to bring SORUDO to the Brasil.


Partner in the Philippines
Used to work in corporate for many years as a head of HR. But work was still the same. I want to achieve something myself and build business in my country.

Our partners for Kenya after initial training: 

Listen to our partners from Kenya after the initial training talking about what they picked up from it.

Do you want to know more about SORUDO system?

Try our Youtube channel

We try to translate some of our videos and publish them at least once a week. These videos are the easiest way to find out more about how we view self-defense, what's important to us and what we laugh at. (Don't forget to turn on the subtitles.)

Online courses on UDEMY

We are gradually translating our online courses into the Udemy portal. If you're interested in our courses on Udemy, let us know. We can give you one as a gift.