Train with us! (Now even in ISRAEL)

We've opened a new club in your country. Now you can train SORUDO in person. Let's get to know your Instructor.

Meet Daniel

Contact information

Name: Daniel Kanevski

E-mail: daniel.kanevski@sorudo.cz

Phone: +972547794704

Experience: Served in army as a Krav Maga instructor for special forces, also as a civilian Krav Maga instructor. 10 years experience of judo and several years of box.

Find out more about Daniel, the Instructor in your country. Listen to his experience in self-defense and martial arts. You will also find out how he trained at our SORUDO Camp for Instructors.

The videos are in English or in Czech with English subtitles.



Become a reality prepared warrior. Train soulutions to possible critical situtions with us and learn how to solve them using unique, complex SORUDO system - one of its kind.

Achieve that level with regular trainings in our self-defense clubs, where you can grow as a person and learn constantly.

Regular training for men

A small self-defense course - with a big impact on your life!
We'll show you that you don't need to train for years to defend yourself, but at the same time you'll experience, how difficult it can be to manage an attack on the street, defend yourself or others. You'll get to know the SORUDO system, thanks to which you can solve even seemingly unsolvable situations and after just two hours you leave more prepared than before. Come and try the SORUDO system.

Regular training for women

Violence arouses resistance in you, and you don't want to fight. Yet you want to be prepared for situations where you, your children or your loved ones are at risk. We'll show you, that you can defend yourself in clever way and without big physical strength. You'll find that even the weaker can resist/defend themselves, knowing how to do it. On a self-defense mini-course for women, you'll find that it may be easier than you thought. Come and try the SORUDO system. We can help you face your fears and defend yourself - if needed.


73 lives saved

Every year we save more and more lives through our graduates, who don't hesitate to help, and also have skills to help.

20 161 clients

Number of people, who have passed our courses, and the number increases with each year, currently we're able to execute over 220 courses every year.

379 companies

Hundreds of companies have already gone through our first aid training, crisis management and self-defense.

17 countries

Regular courses are held in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico, but we have a lot of experience from other countries.

99% satisfied clients

The majority of our clients leave satisfied and even return to us.

Up to 100 candidates

Hundreds of people apply for work every month, and we accept only less than 1% of them, to create elite team.