Business development manager for Brazil 

We're SORUDO, company from the Europe that saves lives and creates heroes for over 20 years with our unique system of self-defense, first aid and resolution of conflict and critical situations.

This isn't an ordinary job offer. We don't seek ordinary salespeople like others. We look for someone who will take the successful project from Europe and help it grow in Brazil. 

If we choose you, you'll get a job, which you can be proud of. And you will help save human lives - literally. Sales talent is pointless unless you sell something you believe in, what helps others and has a meaning itself.

Can you do it? Do you have the courage for it? Read more and help us save lives in your home country!

Currently, we operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also in Sweden, the Netherlands, Mexico, Kenya and now Brazil. We are looking for experienced colleagues who will help us with growth with our local sales. 

Czech rep.









Working with us you save lives, but also gain:

  • Flexible working hours (we don't mind at what time you arrive at work / we're fans of 4 days of work per week)
  • High commissions for profit ( up to 50% of the profit of a contract)
  • Unlimited vacation (It's up to you, how many months you want to spend at work annually)
  • Remote work (You can achieve wonderful results even from the beach)
  • Volunteer participation at internal education (courses not only about SORUDO but also about entrepreneurship, project management, planning)

We seek someone who's not scared of:

  • Big contracts, open competition, and high-level business dealings
  • Ideally had been selling courses, teambuilding events, and services to big companies / corporates
  • Wants to achieve high goals, we don't want average salespeople
  • Great communication skills, presentable manners are natural requirements

We know that our work saves lives and our ambitions are no smaller than to grow into the whole world. We have high expectations and seek onle colleagues, who want to improve themselves.

How do we do business with self-defense? 

(Just a short part of a video about business with SORUDO. You'll receive the full video after signing in)

Our Achievements

SORUDO exists as a company already 10 years, during this time we achieved something.

79 saved lives

This is the number of lives saved thanks to our courses which rises every year.

23.879 clients

This is the number of clients who have finished our courses, with more to come each year.

99 % of satisfied clients

The vast majority of our clients leaves satisfied with our courses and regularly return.

up to 100 candidates

The number of people applying for a job at our company every month. But we chose our applicants carefully so on average there is only 1% of them who gets the job.

Most viewed

We have the most viewed videos of Self-defense on YouTube. Nearly 1 million views in 2020.

Online courses

This year we recorded several online courses which now spread in the whole world

Who you will work with:

Petr Cihelník

Director of Expansion / Sales Director od SORUDO
My responsibility is to build our Brazilian branch. I will teach you all about SORUDO products, our sales methods.

Eduardo Fachetti

Business partner for Brasil / Instrutor Chefe da Sorudo no Brasil
Mais de 20 anos de experiência em diversas artes marciais, faixa preta de Aikido, servidor da área de Segurança Pública há 13 anos, atualmente é Oficial de Justiça do Tribunal de Justiça do Espírito Santo. “Sei que o SORUDO é a solução e quero expandir SORUDO para todo o Brasil”.

You can join our team and be our first BDM in Brazil! 

Possibilities of growth:

  • Country manager
    We grow fast and will need a team of salespeople and lecturers, who must be managed by someone.
  • Co-Entrepreneur / Co-Owner
    If you achieve expected results, you can work yourself to the position of co-owner in your home country.
  • International sales team management
    If your ambitions don't stop there, we can grow together even in more countries!

Quem são nossos instrutores no Brasil?

Márcio Rodrigues de Lima - RJ

Instrutor para empresas
Faixa Preta de Karate, faixa preta de Kick Boxing, Instrutor Armamento e Tiro, Guarda Municipal do município de Araruama-RJ. “Sorudo é impressionante, nunca tinha visto nada igual em minha vida”.

Guilherme Torrezani - MG

Instrutor para empresas
Faixa preta de Taekwondo, treinou Boxe e Muay Thai, graduado em Educação Física, Personal Trainer com experiência em calistenia e Parkou. “Sorudo é muito simples e fácil de aprender, te faz pensar e te deixa preparado para situações de crise”.

Ernando Machado Araújo - SP

Instrutor para público e empresas
Faixa preta de Taedwondo, faixa preta de Kick Boxing, faixa preta de Muay Thai, faixa roxa de Jiu Jitsu, instrutor de Boxe Philipino, professor de Boxe. Pós graduado em educação física. Sargento da reserva da Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo, com 26 anos de trabalho nas ruas, com vasta experiência em situações reais. “Sorudo é muito simples e eficiente, sem firula e funciona”.

Come and try! In the beginning, you'll go through a selective process during which we will see if you can make it.

What are you waiting for?

Click on "I'm interested", fill in a short form and we will contact you. 

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 We have 21 years of experience worldwide, saving lives and awaking inner heroes sleeping inside every single one of us. Spread this system with us.

SORUDO is based on real life experience, statistics, research and constant testing. We’ll teach you how to get ready to defend yourself and your loved ones in the most critical situations.
From members of special forces to people in wheelchairs. SORUDO simply works for everyone.