Home Office Video Editor

We're SORUDO, company from the Czech Republic that saves lives and creates heroes for over 20 years with our unique system of self-defense, first aid and resolution of conflict and critical situations.

Your work will help us spread our courses all over the world. We already have demand for courses and applicants to become instructor, but in order to expand we need to scale it.

Where we already hired an Expansion Sales Assistant:

Lives we already saved
Participants of our courses
Events anually
Years of experience

We are a fast-growing company from Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic. Currently, we operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary but also in Sweden, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil and Kenya.

You will work with our Online Marketing Specialist. Help him test various formats and produce high volume of online content. This is a diverse job that requires fast learning and a high degree of flexibility.

We offer a part-time job, ideal for candidates seeking for homeoffice and remote work. The position we offer is great for its time flexibility, and the possibility of growing to other positions in our company.

We'll gladly offer: 

  • Fully flexible part-time job
  • Remote work and homeoffice
  • Reward up to USD 2-5 / hour
  • Flexible time conditions (you only have to be able to complete the editing before set deadline)

We demand: 

  • Fluent English language
  • Great video editing skills
  • Time capacity 10-20 hours / week (on average)
  • Experience with creating / editing videos - feel free to send us

You can not be afraid of: 

  • Demanding quota:
    • Up to 10 full length videos / every week
    • Up to 10 Shorts videos / every week

Opportunities for growth are limitless:

  • Online content specialist
  • Online marketing project manager
  • Online marketing manager

Our clients you may know:

Some of your clients will be:


Gentle self-defence and management of aggressive patients. Verbal self-defense and conflict resolution / de-escalation.


First aid training for teachers, anti-bullying programs through self-defense for kids.

Social Services

Conflict resolution and de-escalation, self-defense, and first aid for social services workers.

And more than 30 other target groups that work in conflict enviroments.

Frequent worries:

  • You won't be bothering anyone
    We only contact companies (not someone at home) that are interested in our services (recommendation / reference).
  • We don't take everyone
    You'll become our representants, the ones who make the first impression, we want to carefully select.
  • We're not a Call Centre
    We try to do sales smart, keep friendly atmosphere, you don't need to worry that there'll be someone taking time of your calls or how fast you can dial.

Job description:

  • Market research:
    Different companies need different courses. We are constantly testing new products and new target groups to find the ideal match.
  • Contacting new companies and sales:
    Whenever we run a course and we get a great reference, we quickly contact other companies for which this course is suitable.
  • Satisfaction questionnaires
    More than 90% of companies that pass our courses are enthusiastic, the others only satisfied. This is because we are constantly collecting feedback on cooperation and asking clients where we could do more.
  • Documents and pricing
    After each call or meeting, the trader must prepare an offer or catalog for the client.

Why to work with us?

Check out our video production

Try our Youtube channel

We try to translate some of our videos and publish it at least once a week. These videos are the easiest way to find out more about how we view self-defense, what's important to us and what we laugh at. (Don't forget to turn on the subtitles.)

Online courses on UDEMY

We are gradually translating our online courses into the Udemy portal. If you're interested in our courses on Udemy, subscribe first anyway. Subscribed lecturers get a substantial discount on all our online courses.

Our results so far

SORUDO has been operating as a company for 10 years, during which time we have already achieved a few things.

81 lives saved

Every year we save more lives through our graduates who do not hesitate to help.

33 283 clients

Just as many people have already gone through our courses, and it will be more and more every year.

99% of satisfied clients

The vast majority of our clients leave satisfied and even return to us.

up to 100 candidates

So many people apply for a job with us every month, but we only accept less than 1% of them.

800+ satisfied companies

That's how many of satisfied and regular clients we have.

up to 70% success rate

Up to this rate we achieve in sales, you don't need to be worried of constant denial.

So what are you waiting for?

Come try it! At the beginning, you will go through a selection process in which we will test whether you have what it takes.

Click on "I’m interested", fill in a short questionnaire and we will contact you.