We want to conquer the world with a unique Czech system of self-defense, which has now received recognition in more than 14 countries and several continents. And you can be part of it. Join a small, fast-growing company in Hradec Kralove, which produces heroes and saves lives through the courses of our own original system of self-defense, first aid and crisis management that we do for companies but also for the public abroad.

Lives saved by our work
Companies went through our training
People go through our courses every year
Positive references

With us you can save lives and make heroes


The results are here

SORUDO has been working as a company for 8 years.

72 lives saved

Every year we save more lives through our graduates who do not hesitate to help.

18 233 clients

So many people have passed our courses, and it will be more and more every year.

349 companies

Hundreds of companies have already gone through our first aid training, crisis management and self-defense.

17 countries

There are regular courses in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico, but other countries are under negotiation.

99% satisfied clients

The vast majority of our clients leave satisfied and even return to us.

up to 100 candidates

So many people apply for work a month, but we accept only less than 1% of them.

We have big plans

Our goal is nothing less than to change the world, we have big plans. That is why we need independent and capable colleagues who will help us save lives, open new branches, spread the SORUDO system abroad or even to your city.

Growth to over 20 countries

We think that SORUDO as a system of self-defense, first aid and conflict resolution is unparalleled. But we find it a pity to save lives only in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Mexico. That is why we want to grow to other countries as soon as possible. What we need is mainly skilled traders.

Clubs to 40 cities in the Czech Republic

Currently we regularly practice only in Hradec Kralove, Prague and Brno. But heroes should be everywhere. One of our current projects is launching clubs in 40 cities around the Czech Republic and 20 in Slovakia. We are looking for enough exceptional lecturers to lead these clubs.

Train up to 700,000 clients in the Czech Republic

We want our work to have the greatest impact in the country where we live. We would like to sign changes in death statistics due to failure to provide first aid or, for example, to reduce the number of raped women in the Czech Republic. To make a big difference, we have even more work to do.

We hire trainers for clubs

Become the first SORUDO instructor in your city. You will get unique training, the ability to disseminate knowledge that saves lives and future-proof work.


Lecturer of SORUDO clubs

Become the first and only instructor of the SORUDO system in your city. You get unique training, the ability to disseminate life-saving knowledge, and a job that you enjoy.

Project Manager (Master in Organizing)

We are looking for an enthusiastic project engineer who has a lot of experience and wants to put them into work that makes sense and saves lives. In return, we offer the opportunity to implement projects that have no borders and can grow all over the world.

If you have not chosen any of the positions, but still want to save lives with us, write us, we will definitely find a way.


There is no mending in us. We all work towards a common goal.


Petr Moučka

Founder / CEO
With me you will solve your future, growth in the company, vision and project planning. If you are a tutor, you will work with me for training and methodology.

Petr Cihelník

Operations / Sales Manager
I will be in daily contact with you, we will work together on a daily basis and achieve goals quickly.

Lucie Vomáčková

Course Coordinator
If you are a tutor, I will send you to courses, and deal with you material and equipment. If you are a merchant, I will help you with customer care

So, will you be another member of our superhero team?

Please send us your CV and cover letter to the appropriate e-mail:


If you have any questions please write to